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OUYA wants YOU (to say which games you’d like)

Nearly 38,000 people around the world are interested in the ambitious, Android-powered OUYA console, and the hardware developer wants to know what else these gamers like. The crowdfunding project is now nudging US$5million in pledges - well beyond the $950,000 originally requested - and the developers are promising to use some of that money to help fund new games for the platform. Julie Uhrman and her team need your help to figure out just which ones to choose.


This is OUYA

It's all very simple: An online survey lists 20 of the most requested titles, and asks you - the gamer - which ones you'd most like to see on OUYA. And even though the console is set to use technology more commonly associated with smartphones, there are some pretty big names in the list: Skyrim, Battlefield, Call of Duty, Mass Effect and Grand Theft Auto are just a handful of franchises mentioned.

If your tastes run a little more to the "indie" side of the spectrum, you're covered too: Super Meat Boy, Dungeon Defenders, Fez, Bastion and - of course - Minecraft are also on the list. (Can't see the ones you really want? There are a few boxes for write-your-own entries, too.)

This is actually the second step in the process: OUYA put the call out for any suggestions that gamers might like to see - and in less than 24 hours, were swamped by more than 45,000 suggestions. This new survey is the best of the best.

No deadlines for this one, but - if you want your opinion to be counted, we advise getting in quick.

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One Response to “OUYA wants YOU (to say which games you’d like)”

  1. Mythor says:

    Skyrim on a $99 Android-based console?

    That’s… ambitious!

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