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[E32012] Interview: Guardians of Middle-earth

It's time to return to the land of hobbits, which plays host to a new 5v5 battle arena packed with familiar faces in Guardians of Middle-earth, a new downloadable console MOBA title on the way from Monolith.

Monolith is a studio with a very mixed pedigree. Over a decade and a half, the team's produced games as varied as The Matrix Online, Blood, No One Lives Forever 2, and a tie-in for Tron 2.0. Around all that, there's also the F.E.A.R. series and last year's downloadable smash, Gotham City Impostors. Now, the Washington-based developer is taking things in a different direction, and we caught up with senior producer Ruth Tomandl to learn more about Guardians of Middle-earth, on show at E3.

The game's timing is no coincidence, the late 2012 release date scheduled to tie in neatly with the cinematic launch of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Keep an eye out around the time the film hits cinemas - we're told it may happen to bring a handful of new playable guardians to Monolith's latest creation. With just a handful of characters announced at this stage, and J.R.R. Tolkien's entire back catalogue at their fingertips, we're expecting some big names will start popping up in Guardians of Middle-earth - so stay tuned.

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