Minecraft troll calls SWAT on mod, cries murder

A disgruntled gamer sent the cops around to a moderator's house after being kicked out of an online chat. Law enforcement personnel from four different agencies arrived at the Washington state home late Saturday night, after receiving reports that a man had shot his 14 year-old daughter who had just told him she was pregnant.

The problem? There was no pregnancy, and there was no daughter. The handcuffed man lying on the ground, Dave Neumann, only had sons - one of whom, Jake, was a moderator in a Minecraft server. Jake had recently taken action against a troublesome troll, and after a little effort to pinpoint the physical location of the moderator's IP address, the troll took some action against Jake, too.

He was like, 'Yo dude. You kicked me off line. I'm going to swat your house'.

Minecraft Crown Victoria Police Interceptor by SafetyMoose

Minecraft Crown Victoria Police Interceptor

911 staff report that the troll had thought his attack through carefully: Rather than simply calling on an easily-traced phone, dispatchers instead received a number of TTY texts, generally only used by the hearing-impaired. The texter claimed to be hiding in his bathroom after his father had shot his sister. Local authorities took the call seriously, and stormed the Neumann house, preparing to arrest Dave while deputies searched the premises. Once it was confirmed that Dave didn't have a daughter and nobody had been injured, the police and Jake started to put the pieces together.

Jake told local media that he didn't take the online troll too seriously, but after a few hours though, the police knocking on the front door suggested that the troll meant what he said.

It was awful.
My dad was like seriously pretty scared for his life and so was me and my brother.

Deputy Scott Wilson explains that - while this isn't a new trend - "swatting" tactics are frustrating and concerning, taking up valuable resources and time that could be better spent elsewhere.

...as for the troll, his "untraceable" 911 call backfired, as authorities have been able to identify him as a Canadian citizen. At this stage, it is unsure whether he will be facing charges in Washington state.

(Sweet Crown Victoria Police Car created in Minecraft by SafetyMoose)

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5 Responses to “Minecraft troll calls SWAT on mod, cries murder”

  1. KingOfArcadia says:

    You wanna bet your sweet ass this guy is going to get charged. I work at an international call center in a little nowhere town on the east coast of Canada, and we had a caller from the US call into the center & threaten to blow us all up. Not five minutes after the end of the call, one of the supervisors called the guy’s local police force to inform them, and oh yes, he was well and truly charged – as I recall, something regarding international terrorism. This isn’t the same, but don’t worry, that’s not going to hide under a rug.

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  3. Jezus says:

    Love idiots who use the word troll incorrectly.

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