[E32012] Video Interview: SimCity Social

"There's a new mayor in town," announces EA, as the wraps come off of one of the most hotly-anticipated social games of 2012. All the wishful thinking paid off, the rumours came true, and Facebook gamers around the world celebrated: SimCity Social is coming to a screen near you very soon, as the original city-builder prepares to reclaim the crown.

Despite a rabid interest from fans and a spotlight reveal at EA's press event, SimCity Social was nowhere to be seen on the show floor. It took a little detective work around the booth, but we finally tracked down Jami Laes, Vice President of Global Studios for Playfish, who is working closely with Maxis to bring SimCity to this all-new platform. While details on the game are being kept tightly under wraps (the team is understandably protective of its IP), there was still plenty to chat about.

As you may expect, SimCity Social unfolds much like any other city-builder - on Facebook or elsewhere - with no linear paths or concrete quests for players to follow. Make your own decisions, create your own city, and then work out how to handle disastrous mishaps including pollution, crime and quick-spreading fires. Your choices will shape your city!

Like most Facebook games, there's a hefty social side of things - unlike many, visiting friends' cities goes far beyond merely checking in, carrying out five actions and then leaving. Taking a page from The Sims Social, this new SimCity lets you define your own relationships with your neighbours: Will you be friendly, offering a helping hand when needed? Maybe you'll be a bit less pleasant, forming an intense rivalry and tainting their water supply...

With the runaway success of last year's The Sims Social behind them, Maxis, Playfish and EA are looking down the barrel of another guaranteed smash - and as Jami says, it'll be out very, very soon.

This week, it's E3 time - and for Player Attack, that means plenty of videos for you to watch. To see what we've been up to, check the E3 2012 events page, or hop over to our Blip.tv channel.

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4 Responses to “Video Interview: SimCity Social”

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