British Prime Minister denies Fruit Ninja addiction

An Australian video game has made UK headlines - but not necessarily for the reasons you'd expect. British Prime Minister David Cameron reportedly spends a "crazy, scary" amount of time each day playing Fruit Ninja on his iPad.

The news came to light in the pro-Conservative Spectator magazine, where editor Fraser Nelson claimed one of Mr. Cameron's senior advisors had told him that a bit of harmless fun had escalated into an "obsession".

Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja

Cameron denies the claims, with a spokesperson announcing that it is one of the Prime Minister's children spending hours on the game. Mr. Cameron, however, has admitted in the past to playing the Aussie-designed smash hit, explaining that it helps him cope with "everyday stress".

It's quite good, to get your frustration out. If you can't have a reshuffle, play Fruit Ninja!

The news comes at a terrible time for the PM, who is currently leading his country through crucial talks on Afghanistan and a European financial crisis as well as a failing economy at home.

That said, it comes at a stellar time for Fruit Ninja, as developer Halfbrick ramps up promotion for the game's two-year anniversary tour, with a brand new update for the game due out later this week.

That is Gutsu and his little pal Truffles, who are bringing a bunch of new stuff to Fruit Ninja:

  • STARFRUIT -- Worth its weight in gold... but way more juicy! This delectable delight has long been the currency of ninjas the world over. Just try not to eat your profits!
  • GUTSU'S CART -- Use Starfruit to boost your arsenal with exhilarating power-ups and never before seen super fruit! Our travelling merchant Gutsu and his porky pal Truffles will ensure you always get the best deal possible.
  • BOMB DEFLECTS -- Swat those pesky bombs into oblivion with this skilful new ninja move and watch your high scores rise!
  • BERRY BLASTS -- Prepare for things to get messy with this highly explosive new super fruit!
  • PEACHY TIME -- These succulent peaches add extra time to Arcade and Zen Mode for longer games and seriously high scores. Push yourself to the limit as you battle to keep the clock ticking!

The developers promise "even more new content" will hit Fruit Ninja in the not-too-distant future, so keep your eyes peeled. Hopefully their high-profile political fan likes these new additions as much as you do!

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3 Responses to “British Prime Minister denies Fruit Ninja addiction”

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