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Call of Duty trojan nets hacker 18 months in jail

Lewys Martin is being described as an "evil genius" after slipping a keylogger into a fake patch for Call of Duty. The scheme has reportedly netted him thousands of pounds.

After gamers installed the fake patch, the 20-year-old was able to remotely monitored computer users' keystrokes, stealing bank details, credit card numbers, passwords, codes and other personal information. While it's not reported that he used any of these stolen log ins himself, Martin allegedly sold them to "crooks and villains" who certainly did, stashing the proceeds in an off-shore bank account in Costa Rica.

Call of Duty

Call of Duty

And he would have gotten away with it too, had he not gotten drunk and broken into nearby colleges, stealing a bunch of computer equipment and getting caught.

When police raided his home, they uncovered more than 300 credit card details and passwords that had been printed out by his computer.

Martin faced court over the charges back in November 2011, but - bizarrely for a case involving computer fraud - his sentence was deferred so the gamer could attend a university computer course.

Out on bail, Martin fell back into some old habits, and in March 2012, he and a mate smashed into another local college, causing hundreds of pounds worth of damage and attempting to steal more equipment. Predictably, he was soon caught, again.

The gamer has now been found guilty on three charges of burglary and fraud, with another five asked to be taken into consideration. Even his own defence lawyer, Thomas Restell, believes this is a good idea.

It is clear that he is too clever for his own good and being that clever found it too easy to use that knowledge for nefarious purposes.

Local media reports Restell asked the court to allow Martin to finish his computer course, claiming his client (who has 25 convictions after 12 court appearances) is "off the drink and drugs" and less likely to reoffend - but the judge has learnt his lesson too, denying the request.

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