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GAME Australia enters administration

Kicking off the Australian working week in a less-than-pleasant manner, retailer GAME Australia has officially entered administration, just two months after the UK arm of the company folded.

GAME Australia

The name makes it difficult to find information

Stories had started circulating that the local retailer would not be selling copies of Diablo III at tomorrow's launch, due to "payment issues" with shipping companies. According to Kotaku Australia, customers were also reporting the store's website was experiencing "issues" within the same timeframe.

...and then this morning, an email was sent to all GAME stores explaining that the Australian company had followed its UK brothers. The news was later confirmed to Player Attack by GAME's Marketing Manager, who has declined to give any further details.

The company closed more than 600 stores across the UK in March of this year, with the rest eventually purchased by OpCapita. At the time, international stores reported they would not be affected, but GAME Australia Managing Director Paul Yardley was reportedly looking for a local buyer.

Today's news suggests that he has been unsuccessful so far.

Impacts on stores, jobs and stock have not yet been publicly announced, and inquiries have been redirected from GAME offices straight to PwC, the nominated administrator.

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4 Responses to “GAME Australia enters administration”

  1. Mythor says:

    Oof. Sad news. Hopefully they can find a way out. That’s a lot of people out of a job if they can’t and the last thing Aussie gamers need is even fewer options at retail.

  2. […] PwC has sent over official word that two of its partners have been appointed Voluntary Administrators of the retailers trading in Australia as GAME, confirming the news we reported earlier today. […]

  3. hello says:

    Good, over priced piece of shit, only a moron would buy from a store like that, I hope EB is next.

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