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Notch: 0x10c will promote (virtual) piracy

Notch endorses piracy... as long as it's ingame. He's announced today that his new game 0x10c will include - and potentially encourage - code-stealing between players.

Because I want virtual piracy as a gameplay element, the EULA for 0x10c will say you surrender all claims to code you upload to the game.



In-game piracy is a crucial element of the upcoming space title, but Notch (who created Minecraft in his spare time) has made the clause part of the compulsory agreement for a reason: It will prevent gamers from suing each other in the real world.

That said, action against pirates in the virtual realm can take many forms:

If you get organized and set up your own government ingame, you can reinvent patents if you REALLY want to.

We've seen in-game piracy as a gameplay element in other games - most notably EVE Online, where stealing and backstabbing other characters is a part of daily life, but this sort of behaviour has had real-world consequences, including players being taken to court over fraud and money laundering charges.

Looks like Notch is covering himself for the inevitable - if 0x10c is even half as big as Minecraft, that's an awful lot of potentially disgruntled players who've had their stuff stolen.

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