Coco gives Ghost Recon a shot of glamour

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier has a new, super-glamorous fan, as model Nicole 'Coco' Marrow announces to the world that she is a proud member of Team Ghost.

"I bet you didn't know I can handle a gun," the American star of reality show Ice Loves Coco tweeted, before posting a series of risqué images featuring "camo+boobs+booty+brains+guns".

Coco, for Ghost Recon Future Soldier

Coco, for Ghost Recon Future Soldier

This game is dope!

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is receiving the finishing touches at Ubisoft, drawing ever-closer to its impending release on May 22nd. The game is currently in the middle of an incredibly-popular multiplayer beta test, with developers reporting an impressive level of feedback from fans.

In fact, Ubisoft has just rolled out a pretty significant update to the game, applying a few gameplay changes to help re-balance the Future Soldier experience.

Firstly, a confession: "Grenades are over-powered." the grenade blast radius will be reduced, following a bunch of feedback and some analysis of online matches.

Coco, for Ghost Recon Future Soldier

Coco, for Ghost Recon Future Soldier

The minimum party size has been increased to 6, to reduce confusion, and all gamers are getting a boost to XP acquisition, with the devs universally increasing the speed in order to get quicker feedback and giving you earlier unlocks. Other than the XP acceleration, these changes currently only apply to the Xbox 360, rest assured the PS3 updates are coming soon.

In the meantime, you might like to log in and try out the all-new Saboteur game type, where you'll need all your stealth and cunning to capture the explosive briefcase before detonating it on the opposing team's objective.

We're guessing that from about this point onwards, at least some of the feedback will be "More Coco!".

Coco, for Ghost Recon Future Soldier

Coco, for Ghost Recon Future Soldier

It's not the first time the Marrow family has been involved in video games, either: Coco's husband Ice-T has appeared as a voice actor in multiple titles, including GTA: San Andreas and UFC: Tapout, with his most popular role as Griffin in Gears of War 3.

Unfortunately, it seems like Coco's involvement with Future Soldier is purely a promotional affair, and we won't be seeing her pop up in the upcoming FPS as a playable character. Perhaps that's something Ubisoft can consider for the inevitable sequel!

Images used with Coco's permission

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