Zynga looks to buy Draw Something developer

Draw Something. It's more than just a game, it's a global movement, taking iOS gadgets by storm the world over - snagging more than 30 million downloads despite being launched less than six weeks ago (and 10 million of those downloads happened in the last week alone!).

Possibly even more impressive than that though is the fact that when it comes to Facebook, the game has already overtaken giant Zynga, who sees 8 million gamers logging in daily to play a bit of Words with Friends. Draw Something has a handy 10.8 million daily active users, making it the most popular app on that particular social network.

But perhaps the runaway success of its latest mobile game will mean the end of independent studio OMGPOP, who is understandably blown away by the reaction to Draw Something.

Stories are now appearing that Zynga is actually in talks to acquire the developer, applying a bit of the "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em" mentality. Apparently it's not alone, either, with Japanese buyer GREE reportedly also discussing an acquisition.

Zynga, predictably, "does not comment on rumours or speculation" when questioned on the topic - but we do admit that the buy-out would make sense. Draw Something would be a neat fit for the "... With Friends" franchise, and Zynga makes no bones about buying out developers who create appealing products.

If the alleged talks do not eventuate with Zynga, keep an eye on the App Store. The company has made a name for itself by responding poorly to failed buy-out attempts: Just ask the guys behind Tiny Tower, who rejected the larger company's approach and instead had their skyscraper-building game blatantly ripped off and released as Zynga's Dream Heights.

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