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11 new publishers on board for Origin

It's probably fair to say now that EA really does intend to take over the world now, one company at a time. The company's just expanded its digital distribution platform, Origin, to include a further eleven publishers.

You can now find games from CD Projekt RED, Robot Entertainment, Trion Worlds, Core Learning Ltd, N3V Games, inXile Entertainment, 1C Company, Freebird Games, Autumn Games and Recoil Games happily nudging each other for space on the EA-owned network.

Jim Butler from Trion speaks for the bunch as he comments:

The digital versions of Rift have seen incredible success, and Origin offers an ideal direct-to-consumer avenue for gamers interested in experiencing the rich world of Telara.

Origin has established itself as a destination for top titles currently available in the evolving digital marketplace, so it's definitely a place that Trion wants to be.

RIFT, from Trion Worlds

RIFT, from Trion Worlds

Craig Rechenmacher, Origin's VP of business development and marketing explains:

Origin is focused on providing choice to consumers and the games they play.

From blockbuster franchises to high-quality independent titles, we're bringing the industry's best content to one place. We're excited to welcome new partners and a diverse new line-up of titles to Origin today.

Maintaining the stance that it's not looking to compete with the Steam behemoth, Origin is shaping up quite nicely, now offering roughly 100 different titles.

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