Infinity Blade makes a mint for Epic, ChAIR

Budding game developers, take heart. Anyone who tells you that there is no money in creating games for iOS is - obviously - telling fibs, as Epic Games and ChAIR Entertainment will happily tell you. The two companies have just announced that earnings from the 12-month old Infinity Blade franchise have eclipsed US$30 million.

Sure, that includes the first game, obviously, plus the second, plus a tie-in novelisation and a few other bits and pieces - but it's no mean feat for a brand new IP.

Infinity Blade catapulted itself onto the App Store, fuelling "significant licensing interest" in the game-powering Unreal Engine. Nearly 12 months later, Infinity Blade 2 followed suit, scooping up more than $5 million in net earnings in just one month since release (to compare, the original game took three months to reach that goal).

Then there's the book - Infinity Blade: Awakening, which is a digital novella from Brandon Sanderson, who's better known in NYT best-seller circles for his work on the Mistborn chronicles, and the final three books in The Wheel of Time series, which he finished on behalf of Robert Jordan.

...there's also the big screen, co-op Infinity Blade FX, which has popped up in arcades around the place, and the game's Original Soundtrack, for gamers who'd like to enjoy the tunes even when they're doing something else.

Epic Games President Dr. Michael Capps explains:

The success of the Infinity Blade franchise is testament to our talented team who is devoted to making games we want to play, all while using Unreal Engine technology to redefine what is expected from games on iOS devices. We have so much more in store for players, and will continue to make great content for Apple’s evolving platforms.

So. Want a piece of the action? For the latest taste, pick up Infinity Blade 2 from the App Store for US$6.99 - it'll play quite happily on your iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad, iPad 2, iPod touch 3 (16GB+) or iPod touch 4.

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  1. […] Infinity Blade II was also launched in early December, and within a month had picked up more than $5 million in net earnings (the original game took three months to reach that […]

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