Server failure takes down MMO M2 for good

If you'd been a fan of Japanese MMORPG M2, you might need to find something else to play. Developers Sankando and operators Hangame have just made one of the most awful announcements it's possible for a games company to make: M2 has now been unexpectedly closed for ever - and it's due to human error.

Japanese MMORPG M2

No more mechs for M2 gamers

Emergency maintenance was carried out on the game's servers on October 21st, to fix a critical issue that had popped up. While this sort of thing happens all the time in any industry involving computers, it seems that something was very wrong in the world of M2, with Sankando and Hangame unable to restore the game servers or access any data. The game could not be restored, meaning that M2 is officially dead in the water.

The Japanese companies apologise most humbly for the incident, which highlights the need for regular off-site backups. The game was heavily funded by premium items and in-game sales, and some customers will see "conditional refunds" in the coming days.

That said, many gamers aren't convinced by Hangame and Sankando's story. Counter-stories are popping up suggesting that, perhaps, M2 was not as successful as the companies would have liked, or that the game had been shelved for other reasons, and that this "accident" is all a coverup to gain sympathy and avoid other repercussions. No major software company should be vulnerable to server failure like this.

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One Response to “Server failure takes down MMO M2 for good”

  1. EAC says:

    After the Tsunami in March 11, a lot of Japanese game developers and publishers seem to put a lot of their projects on the shelves and/or delay them, they even published a LOT of projects that were developed OUTSIDE Japan. A lot of of political reformations happened in Japan, eventhough the damages themself due to the event aren’t that big.

    If M2 wasn’t as successful as they hoped, this kind of ‘operator glitch’ story is not needed. Since they can easily say that they are very thankful for the support, but they regretfuly have to inform the players that the game will end shortly. Most of the gamers (especially Japanese gamers) would have pretty much accept it.

    But this ‘operator glitch’ story. It’s as if someone was giving the order of “This game ends…, NOW!”, and this story is the best explanation they can do in a VERY SHORT notice.

    The story definetly was not devised to get sympathy and avoid problems, since that there are much better ways to devise a story that will gain more sympathy and more problem evasive.

    But it’s definetly a cover up story. Though whether or not the poorly made effort was intentional, that’s probably still in question.

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