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BlizzCon preview sale hints at Big Reveal

This is a little bit interesting. Blizzard opened up their BlizzCon merchandise preview sale about a week ago, where ticket-holders for the event could poke around and figure out what they'd like to spend their hard earned money on.


October 21-22 in Anaheim, California

Now, we've received word that virtual ticket-holders will receive the same opportunities starting tomorrow, September 23rd. If that's you, log into your ticket-holding Battle.net account, and head to the Blizzard store from 10am Pacific. Then, pre-order all you want, but leave some for the rest of us!

Visitors to the store have been browsing through all sorts of things - lanyards, comforters, posters, a beanie, a hoodie, figurines, a poker set, a few murlocs... but one thing is strangely absent. This year's Official BlizzCon t-shirt is a placeholder.

BlizzCon 2011 placeholder t-shirt

...personally, I'd wear that.

We're told that it will feature "exclusive art" featuring Glenn Rane's images from Diablo III, StarCraft II and World of Warcraft - but just what those images are remains to be seen.

This year's Key Art is TOP SECRET until the Opening Ceremonies at BlizzCon.

Last year's BlizzCon was somewhat lacking in the big announcement stakes, but the 2009 Con saw the big reveal of Cataclysm. Attendees that year saw a large number of posters and promotional items covered in black cloth before the opening ceremonies, when they were formally unveiled to show Deathwing in all his glory.

This year looks like it may potentially shape up the same way, with a major reveal planned for the morning of October 21st. Those in the know are anticipating another World of Warcraft expansion (as hinted at last year) - perhaps one featuring those adorable, cuddly pandaren.

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  1. […] knew that something big was coming from BlizzCon, after the official store started selling placeholder t-shirts as part of its preview sale. And the company did not […]

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