13-year old kills baby sister for interrupting game

Police called to an Oklahoma City hospital over a suspected child abuse case found something more disturbing. A nine-month-old baby had been admitted suffering intra-cranial bleeding, a skull fracture and severe brain injuries - inconsistent with her mother's explanation that the child had simply fallen out of bed.

13-year old Crystian Rivera

Crystian Rivera, charged over the death of his baby sister

After questioning by police, the child's mother admitted that the baby had been left with her son when she sustained her injuries - and the officials turned their line of inquiry to the infant's brother, 13-year old Crystian Rivera.

Rivera explained that he had been playing video games while minding the baby, when his sister fell over and started to cry. He said that the distraction had caused him to lose concentration on the game, resulting in the death of his on-screen character.

Frustrated at the interruption, Rivera picked up the baby and shook her, before returning to his game. After playing a while longer, Rivera fell asleep and he thought nothing more of it.

Once taken to hospital, the baby girl was put on a ventilator, but died four days later from her injuries.

Rivera has now been booked into the Oklahoma County Jail, where he has been charged with first-degree murder and will be treated as an adult.

Source: KOCO, thanks to Brenna.

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23 Responses to “13-year old kills baby sister for interrupting game”

  1. xino says:

    this guy should be fucking locked up!

    you shouldn’t be doing something important or busy when taking care of kids because you’ll loose concentration.

    But going as far killing the baby/ignoring her because of you died at a game is just way too much

    • John says:

      Don’t trey to make sense of it or find a cause. The kid is likely a sociopath and sociopaths have no conscience. Hopefully he stays in prison for the rest of his life so he can’t become a serial killer

    • John says:

      Don’t try to make sense of it or find a cause. The kid is likely a sociopath and sociopaths have no conscience. Hopefully he stays in prison for the rest of his life so he can’t become a serial killer

  2. […] Click here for source. Tags: Adult Baby Game Baby Girl Baby Sister Brain Injuries Brother Child Abuse Case Concentration Game Distraction First Degree Murder Interruption Line Of Inquiry Month Old Baby Oklahoma City Hospital Oklahoma County Jail Playing Video Games Screen Character Skull Fracture Ventilator […]

  3. Shogunzalez says:

    This is just absolutely horrible. I’m an avid gamer and Father, at first adjusting to gaming while being a parent can be difficult but I love my children dearly and once I realized that video games have pause buttons for a reason and playing online will stol be there when I get back, putting a controller down to be a Father was easy. Also, as a parent I would be reluctant to leave an infant with anyone who is not mature enough to care for that infant, regardless of who they are and especially if its someone I know well and am aware of the fact that they play games extensively. I blame both the Mother for lack of better judgement and that horrible little boy who robbed an innocent baby of her life over something as trivial as a video game.

  4. DanDanson says:

    LOL!! The mugshot and the location just make this article

  5. Jeane says:

    Really Dan?? There is nothing LOL about this, this is a sad tragic event that could have been avaoided by better parenting skill. Yes the boy looks not all there but what does his location have to do with anything?? if this is LOL to you, then you should be locked up as well!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. FPSFTW says:

    Damn, thats pretty fucked up.. what was he playing? world of warcraft? geez.. poor baby, she didn’t even knew what was going on… I bet he won’t play games for a long time :S

  7. Dario says:

    sure its horrible but all he did was shake her its not like he knew she was already seriosly injured

    • Jessica Citizen says:

      Dario – the baby girl hadn’t been seriously injured beforehand – it was the shaking that caused the brain damage and skull fracture. Babies have soft skulls that are easily damaged through actions that may not harm an adult.

      The child’s mother told police that the baby had fallen out of bed because she did not want to admit the accident was her son’s fault.

  8. xmercanareyx says:

    thats messed up u blame both the stupid idiot who couldnt take the time to pause the game to take care of his sister thats just retarded and the mother for knowing he was playin a game even i would know the game would be more concentrated than the baby…………i feel so bad for that child that lost her life at such a early age but at least we know she not goin to hell so that puts a smile on my face…..(shall the baby rest in peace)

    • Mischa says:

      LOL your comment makes me sick man.

      “at least we know she not goin to hell so that puts a smile on my face”

      you sick religious bastard. You should be locked up in prison too. In fact, you are a much worse person than the 13yr old boy.

  9. InnerPartisan says:

    This is fucked up on so many levels.
    This is a horrible accident, and my sympathy is with the parents. But, yes: ACCIDENT – I doubt the 13year-old had any intention of actually killing his sister.
    He is 13, for fuck’s sake – at that age you simply don’t know how to handle a toddler. Unless that boy is a psychopath, he’ll suffer for the rest of his life for what he’s done. He doesen’t need prison, he needs therapy. So trying him for murder – let alone as an ADULT – is simply a travesty, and a perfet example of the inhuman, unjust justice system in the US and Texas in particular.
    Also I can’t really blame the parents – who knows what their social situation or income is; I suppose they HAD to leave their son alone with their baby daughter, or else they couldn’t have fed either of them.
    I guess the word I’m looking for here is “tragedy”.

  10. Andrew says:

    Explains why kids shouldn’t be allowed to play violent video games that are rated M, and why kids with anger issues should not be allowed to play games at all. I do not know the parents situation, but if they bought the game, part of it is their fault, if they ar e in a financial rut, and needed her watched for free, then the watching part is okay, as long as they knew that their kid was not violent or mean while playing game or in general, but being a 13 year old, he should at least know you NEVER touch a baby violently, you be very careful. If he did it, he deserves whatever he gets. I can go on and on, it is down right disgusting.

    • Andrew says:

      No it doesn’t. Video games have nothing to do with it. And how do you know it was violent and rated M? This kid was clearly badly raised.

    • Andrew says:

      I started playing violent games when I was very young. I would never shake a baby.

    • Deadletter says:

      Then ban books, music, plays, everything since all contain some sort of violence.

      There has been enough studies that show how these things don’t effect people unless they are already mentally disturbed.

      Video games have very little effect on children, bad parenting though does! how about you explain to your children that it’s only a game and doing things they see is wrong.

      sheez parent now-a-days, I’m only 23 and I know more than you -_-

      • Andrew says:

        Really studies because studies have shown that when human beings watch videos or real people do acts their brain fires as if THEY are committing those deeds! the only reason they don’t actually feel them is because the rest of the body says hey that is not you. That is why porn affects people so much. There have been cases where paralyzed people have watched someone with an arm touch something and they have felt it. It is part of the brain that empathizes. Oh and I’ll state my source, i don’t have sound to make sure, but hopefully this is the right one, http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/8fHRgb/www.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3Dt0pwKzTRG5E I too was never affected by those games, i was not allowed to play them but when i could, it never affected me. I know the game was rated M for 2 reasons one I’m an adult, and 2 the ESRB website you can use to find game ratings. also you guys took the first sentence and defined my whole paragraph as (kids for no reason should not be able to play violent video games. ) i said if they were violent, they should not be able to play those games, and that is is also the parents fault! the explanation i just gave you with that video was the point that violent video games to affect us, if you have ever had a dream about a game and you were in it, that is your brain trying to empathize that characters’ situation and prepares you to play such a role, in real life. If you do not believe me on that i can state sources. And the books, music, plays, etc is definitively a fallacy.

  11. Justin says:

    He should go to prison and get raped.

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