[E32011] PlayStation Vita officially announced

The NGP is dead, long live the PlayStation Vita! Pronounced "veeta", the handheld's new name means "life", and it's designed to bring energy - and life - to your entertainment system. You can get your hands on it this holiday season, for less than $300. The wifi-only version will set you back $249, or an extra $50 will get you the 3G/wifi model. Not bad, Sony. Not bad.

Sony's shiny NGP

Now responding to "Vita"

The name had been leaked recently, but nobody was quite ready to believe that this was Sony's new name, despite all the signs pointing in that direction.

At today's Sony Media Briefing at E3, PSVita was shown off, with its own very special version of Uncharted, subtitled Golden Abyss. Apparently the devs have been working on this one for two years and only "recently" worked out the depth of what the handheld was capable of.

Sure, we're watching this on a 70ft screen, but the screen looks amazing. Not sure how much I like the blend of stick/button play with touch-screen controls, but you're apparently not locked into using one set of controls or the other. The inbuilt six-axis also adds an extra layer - tilt the device to prompt Drake to jump!

Information on localisation, pricing and release dates is coming "soon", according to Hirai, sorry.

...also eliciting some groans from the crowd, PSVita will partner with AT&T in the US, for the handheld's 3G experience.

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