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Kinect used as Topshop dressing room

So far, most of the awesome Kinect hacks we've been seeing have been designed simply for fun, a bit of mucking around and seeing what the hardware is capable of. Now, a Russian company - AR Door - has taken the technology and put it into a useful real-world application that is as stereotypically far from gaming as you can get.*

Kinect technology in Moscow Topshop

Kinect technology in Moscow Topshop

Teaming up with clothes retailer TopShop, AR Door created a virtual fitting room for a new collection of dresses.

A "special kiosk" was built and installed in the Moscow Topshop store between May 5-8 this year, using a blend of augmented reality and Kinect. Basically, by standing in front of the sensor, shoppers could select garments and try them on, watching a virtual version of themselves on the screen. The technology wasn't perfect, but the customers seemed delighted (and a little confused) by trying out the 3D version of the dress, and using virtual buttons to navigate easily between the range.

The beauty of this set-up (and a reason we're expecting the idea to take off) is that Kinect doesn't require any special markers or mo-cap ping-pong ball outfits. The in-built camera simply tracks the person's body and adds it to a 3D model of the dress.

And yes, if you can twist yourself around enough, you'll be able to see both the front and back angles of the dress, so you should be able to work out if it really does make your bum look big.

* ...we're not suggesting that girls who wear pretty dresses don't play games. We are suggesting that a fashion boutique isn't where you would typically find a gaming console. Just wanted to clarify that.

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