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Osama bin Laden’s hideout recreated in CS:S

Osama bin Laden's final hiding spot in Abbottabad, Pakistan, has been made into a playable map for Counter-Strike: Source. Honestly, we're a little surprised that it took this long.

Counter-Strike: Source - fy_abbottabad

A scene from fy_abbottabad

Fletch, the map's creator has explained that there are plans to, perhaps, make this into a "bomb or hostage map" at a later stage, but right now it's 'just' a general purpose multiplayer map based on what we know about bin Laden's mansion.

Counter-Strike: Source - fy_abbottabad Counter-Strike: Source - fy_abbottabad Counter-Strike: Source - fy_abbottabad
Counter-Strike: Source - fy_abbottabad

So far, ratings have been positive, and the modding community at GameBanana have been calming each other down, squishing calls of "Too soon!". The map itself looks pretty polished and well-made, and you can grab fy_abbottabad (1.41MB) from the GamePron File Library.

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70 Responses to “Osama bin Laden’s hideout recreated in CS:S”

  1. Stop A Cop says:

    Is the crashed stealth helicopter included also?

  2. Layereight says:

    To keep with realism will only 1 side be armed?

  3. Does 1 side get to play as a 9 year old corpse (osama) and 3 brothers. and unarmed as the other’s stated.

  4. It would be fun if we could play at night :)

  5. Arpan says:

    Counter terrorists win.

  6. CounterTerroristsWIN says:

    They’ve got to turn this into a hostage map… otherwise the terrorists won’t have anyone to hide behind!

  7. ammon says:

    @Layereight Come on man, to be fair, one in five should be armed!

  8. felixmeister says:

    This can only be released as a VIP map.

  9. fakecubed says:

    Yeah, “unarmed”, right. They all had weapons close by. The only reason they didn’t get many shots off is because the operation was planned so well. It happened at night while most were asleep, with surprise (and stealth helicopters), and was carried out by the best trained soldiers we have.

    While some of you idealists might feel better if Osama bin Laden had killed the first SEAL through the door, that’s a much less favorable outcome, isn’t it? I mean seriously, is that what you wanted? Osama bin Laden and everyone else around him were terrorists, or terrorists in training. They subscribed to his ideas of forcing the west to convert to islam and live by sharia law, or kill them with suicide bombs if they don’t. Al Qaeda had declared war on the United States, we declared war back, and every member of that organization, especially their leader bin Laden, was a valid target in that war. A warrior on the battlefield is not there to serve warrants to the enemy, a warrior on the battlefield is there to kill the enemy. If the enemy explicitly surrenders, then we may feel obligated to accept that surrender, but unless that happens, they are inherently hostile combatants, and may- should- be killed. Are you going to cry about every soldier that gets a bomb dropped on him while he’s sitting on the can? He’s still a soldier in a war, and he’d kill you if he could. Osama bin Laden wasn’t some random dude we killed in cold blood. He was the enemy, and that enemy has now been neutralized in a way that allowed our own soldiers to come home to their families safe and sound. This isn’t controversial, and if he wanted to surrender, he could have years ago.

    • tengen says:

      haha, noob

    • boinkie says:

      I’m glad you explained it, but don’t expect them to listen.
      These idiots are parroting what they read. It’s easier to do that then to bother to think or maybe even do something useful to save lives.

      What gets me is why they are commenting on a gamer board.

      • transcend says:

        I know, right? All the asshole, who unlike you are posting on a video game website. And parroting what they read, unlike you who has unique and unstated (till now) opinion. The word is hypocrisy :)

        It all boils down to the rule of engagement. I do not think anyone is blaming the team, but the rules set for the team. When you post of how valid is what we have done, please do keep in mind that we live in a western society in 2011… you know, the society based on due process.

        • SirTasty says:

          Due process only applies to American citizens, and certain protected people within our borders. Our foreign policy has never been governed by due process; neither have our rules of engagement.

        • Kiernan says:

          “due process” for Osama Bin Laden? Are you out of your fucking mind?

    • myself says:

      the best men you have couldn´t capture the head of the terrorist organization, they had to kill him. very smart, now they won´t get the vital informations he could have provided them with. bravo, well done!

      • SirTasty says:

        They stole a terabyte and a half of data that was onsite, which has significantly narrowed the search for the former Al Qaeda #2, and most likely assisted in other ways that will never be declassified.

        • fulou says:

          Don’t you mean they stole a terabyte and a half of porn? Come on, we’re all guys here lol.

          • SirTasty says:

            “Authorities refused to comment on the types of pornography Bin Laden had stored on the disks obtained from the site. ‘Because of the classified nature of the information, I can’t comment on the types of porn we found on the site,’ said Panetta, ‘but we will say there’s some pretty weird stuff there.'”

      • Neil says:

        Did you just delude yourself into believing Osama would reveal any secrets when captured? They did however, capture many others from the compound, the ones less indoctrinated and more likely to spill secrets, as Osama’s wife is right now. In all probability, he would have attempted to avoid capture by killing himself to save his honour. Also, it would have provoked further fundamentalist attacks to rescue him or to take hostages to be exchanged for him.

        ‘The best men they have’ had better aim than a bunch of CS players. They hit exactly where they meant to. The wife was shot in the leg to get her out of the way, Osama on the other hand got a bullet straight to the brain. I believe it was published that the policy for the mission was that unless Osama was bare naked, he couldn’t be trusted to surrender.

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  11. […] bin Laden’s final hiding spot in Abbottabad, Pakistan, has been made into a playable map for Counter-Strike: Source. Honestly, we’re a little surprised that it took this long.” This entry was posted in […]

  12. Poeperpant says:

    +1 for the Terrosirst hiding behind their wives

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  15. Ben Laden® says:

    […] [Source et photo] […]

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  20. […] Osama bin Laden’s hideout recreated in CS:S […]

  21. Matt says:

    Good work lads!

  22. Fail says:

    Hilarious. But the dimensions are all wrong.

  23. Required says:

    Did the map creator remember to plant a false flag somewhere? There should also be a way to plant an ineffective bomb on a piece of fake technology.

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  26. Kevin says:

    Pretty cool. There’s a similar map on Victors United where players can battle it out to take over Bin Laden’s mansion. It’s a fun game.

    Check it out here: http://bit.ly/kUIiV8

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  28. Dudette says:

    Dude, where is the Antialias and Anisotropic???

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  30. The recent Osama killing by US forces in Abbottabad has opened a new can of worms. The first question that comes to mind is whether this entire episode was true or a drama created by US in connivance with Pakistan’s leaders for public consumption. The US media is taking full advantage of it, as is their president. After all he has the most to gain with the upcoming presidential elections.

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