GamePron News Season 2, Episode 13

GamePron News this week looks at the ups and downs that are the current state of the PlayStation Network. It started the week on a high, but hasn't stopped tumbling since.

We've also got details on the great work that both PopCap Games and Blizzard Entertainment have been doing for charity, information about just what trouble The Witcher 2 got into with the Australian censors, and congratulations are in order for the indie developers of Flight Control, who have just been snapped up by Electronic Arts.

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5 Responses to “GamePron News Season 2, Episode 13”

  1. […] story was featured in Episode 13, Season 2 of GamePron […]

  2. […] story was featured in Episode 13, Season 2 of GamePron […]

  3. […] story was featured in Episode 13, Season 2 of GamePron […]

  4. This Guy says:

    This lady has got to go. Is the flailing hand thing strictly British? Yay, your lip is peirced, must make you a “gamer”. If you are not comfortable on camera, DON’T do it. Thanks.

  5. Kingsley Foreman says:

    Dude, where do I start, how about with…. she isn’t even British, and she writes most of the news on this site, and knows more about gaming then well, most people, but hey judging people by what you think they they look like, thats smart. isn’t it.


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