Portal 2 arrives early Down Under

With the current GLaDOS@Home system projecting a launch for Portal 2 in a little over six hours from now, it seems there is one simple way that you can play the game before anybody else.

Live in Australia, and head over to your local EB Games.

Portal 2's Atlas and P-body

Atlas and P-body have crashed the party

When we checked with a representative from EA Australia on Friday, she reassured us that the game would be released on PC on April 20th, with the PS3 / Xbox 360 versions following on the 21st. We're currently waiting to hear back from the publisher to find out whether or not this sneaky early release was actually planned, or if the retailer really has broken street date on one of this year's most anticipated titles.

UPDATE: We've also now learned that GAME stores in Australia are also selling the game early - and, judging by the store's Twitter account, they're not too ashamed to admit that they have officially broken street date:

*PORTAL 2* STREET DATE BREAK! The LONG awaited Portal 2 is now available!!!

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One Response to “Portal 2 arrives early Down Under”

  1. […] News this week looks (briefly) at the launch of Portal 2, what with the alternate reality and the broken Australian street date …and, of course, topping the Steam best-seller charts […]

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