Garry’s Mod catches pirates the fun way

A few hours ago, Garry Newman - the creator of Garry's Mod - asked, quite innocently, whether anyone was unable to shade polygon normals.

He received a few comments, mostly jokes, but a quick look at Google suggests that there are indeed a few people who are experiencing problems with their game.

A serious moment from Garry's Mod

A serious moment from Garry's Mod can hear Newman's chuckling from here. Not the normal response to a wide-spread bug report, but this is no normal bug. It seems that the developer has deliberately enabled an error in GMod, which will only affect people who have pirated the game.

People started discussing the error on the game's own forums, wondering why their game simply wouldn't work:

I need help with my garrys mod. Everytime I launch Garrys Mod, it starts up then about 5 seconds later after it is done loading, it crashed with the

Engine Error:Unable to shade polygon normals(#################)

Not long after posting the request, the user found themselves permabanned from the forums for using pirated software.

Making the situation even sweeter, the number which appears in brackets after the error statement is in fact the gamer's 64-bit steamid.

Y'see, Steam keeps a list of which accounts have actually forked over the $9.99 for a legit copy of GMod - so it's a simple matter of checking ids and turfing out the pirates.

Just another lesson on why piracy is bad, supporting indie developers is good, and why you shouldn't mess with the nerds.

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391 Responses to “Garry’s Mod catches pirates the fun way”

    • JUSTIN BECK says:

      LOL it’s sweet! Death to hackers! IDK isn’t that Gmod game like 12 dollers?

      • Mr Eric says:

        “Death to hackers!”
        this disgusts me. Hackers are going to save us all from the tyranny of our governing bodies. that might sound crazy to an uneducated/uninformed person, but do some real research. find some shit out. get enlightened.

        • Mr Eric Is A Retard says:

          hello, Mr Eric. You appear to know everything. Well, fuck you and your hacker complexes. If you and every other hacker out there weren’t such a fucking retard, you’d realize, you dipshit, that its all fucking propaganda being fed to you by some asswipe who thinks hes all cool because he knows how to type a few fucking commands into console. So, no. You disgust me. You faggot. Burn in hell with the rest of your nazi regime. NO FUCK YOU, YOU ARE JUST AS FUCKING BAD AS THE NAZIS. I HOPE YOU DIE A SLOW AND PAINFUL DEATH.

          -Doesn’t give a fuck if you’re in anonymous or not, you’re still just as fucking bad.

          • ccrusher1 says:

            Ok, dude, get real. Hacking is a complicated process, sometimes requiring hours of work to bypass servers and security. Hacking is also used by THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT AND MILITARY!!! They hack into the computers of foreign countries, and find valuable info, sometimes stuff that saves your ass from being six-feet-under.

            • Brett says:

              Welcome to something I like to call; Preserving the peace. And it’s like so what? America has never done wrong on intention. It is a country that has to fight to keep it’s power. All these little hackers don’t get that they need to accept the damn fact that they live in a free country.

          • Mr.Idon'tknow says:

            You are dumb. You get butthurt just because of what someone said. You and your family should be shanked to death. Even your name is Mr.Ericisaretard. go jump in a hold 6 year old

            • pootisman54 says:

              are you fucking stupid? you don’t say that stuff to people dipshit, it’s not even funny faggot, and seriously, yeah you should talking about other people’s names “mr.idon’tknow”

          • 5uCk3rPunC4 says:

            You all pretty much disgust me. Ignorance disgusts me. Pirates are not hackers. Crackers are hackers. Crackers basically crack a games security so that you CAN pirate it. Pirates are 99.9% of the time normal people with a lack in funds. Downing pirates for being poor and liking videogames is like telling a homeless person that they are “Evil” for eating a sandwich someone dropped. Furthermore, hackers are simply programmers who like to do things to other things that have security on them, this goes from hacking sites to computers to files. You simply break/bypass a firewall, and disable some things, though the processes themselves are extremely complicated. Honestly I think that you guys stereotyping people and demonizing the masses is downright sick. I bet any money that atleast one of you butthurt faggots has an Ipod chuck-full of pirated music or movies. That’s Illegal bro. @lolfuckyourmoralbullshit

            • sharkyh20 says:

              True, someone understands, I bet everyone would try to get something for free if they could, I don’t support it but I don’t be rude to people who can’t afford a game.

            • randomguycommenting says:

              That was beautiful

            • Mateusz says:

              And what’s a bunch of pirates like me gonna do to a company like Valve or Facepunch? What, they’re gonna have to wait a few more days to get themselves gold toothbrushes when I can’t afford one game? Plus piracy isn’t even stealing, it’s more like duplicating something.

              But I have to agree, the thing Newman did is just epic!

          • The Enlightened One says:

            In most peoples opinions the only reason someone would need to use that type of language is that person has a really small vocabulary therefore lacking the capacity to use a large vocabulary forcing in small fore letter words. This is most common in people around the stage of early teens therefor I predict that you and your idiotic name clearly a feeble attempt at a insult are a computer addict, have no experience with computers on the other hand other than how to use the W,S,D,A keys to run around in Halo and kill people. Hacking is not typing a few commands into a console its complicated work even used by the U.S. government as stated previously. The only reason to use the words “retard” (in a negative way) “faggot” “dipshit” and “asswipe” is when you have no other words to make up for them. I do not intend to offend you but i wold suggest you take English and computer science when you get to high school. (They seem to be your weak points)

            -By the way retard is a medical term it means someone who is disabled.

            -Yes I took the time to state my opinion (rare) that is how much I distaste your comment

          • Shut The Fuck Up says:

            Dude,no,he’s right.You dont have to be so mean about it though.Karma.Karma dude.You’re the one to die in a slow and painful death yourself by telling that to him.Also,how is he a faggot?

          • A Friend says:

            Mr. Eric is a retard…
            Most people in the world using their hacking abilities to route out other hackers its people like you that give everyone with the ability a bad name so in fact you are.
            don’t criticize some peoples way of life due to social media.

          • Mr Eric Is A Retard user Is a Retart says:

            Well Mr Eric Is A Retard, You are a retard, You know why?, Because you pirated games, Success getting my rootkit out of your PC

        • Hotsam911 says:

          Death to corporate sycophants. These people are the Kardashians of corporate lackeys, “I buy all my stuff original, I love always online gaming, I like buying in game advantages for real money” When the zombie apocalypse comes, I’m so shooting them first, whether they are infected or not.

        • Brett says:

          What are you talking about? Yes I have “researched it” and your point is crazy invalid, Hackers are almost always people with little to live for other then being on a computer and braking other people’s computers.

      • Kai says:

        Well, 29 i thing, my steam is now not working… But i’m in Poland! In poland 20 dollars is 80 (Złotych) Złote is Poland valute. 1 dollar is +/- 4zł! but are you working? How many money so you get? In poland smaller ammount then 800zł!!! That means about 200 dollars! And there are Donald Tusk as president. So he wants to pay him maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaany money every month. So 5/7 Poland pepole are hackers…

        • Yo says:

          Same here; one dollar is three RON, romanian valute that is, and when a foreign language teacher only gets 1650 RON per month, which is only 465.5 dollars! Are you serious!? That’s dirt, when considering that 75% of the money are going away on food, taxes, banks and other shit…

    • HotSam911 says:

      You are all lackeys for corporations. Even now they are making gaming a high end buttpunch as you can see with the always online gaming. You can never get rid of pirates, because they are the last line of defence against corporate greed. Take a look at your self-righteous narcisism and realise that if gaming and software companies weren’t so greedy, there would be more people willing to give them the pleasure of having more money.

  1. Norman says:

    LOLOL. Seriously? When you pirate a game that is highly active. NEVER ever report any bugs to the official forum who knows what they could have done to the game… But still this was brilliant.

  2. rlucas1996 says:

    this bull the reason we do this is because we don’t have the money to spend ppl today need to let rich ppl buy the games and let the poor ppl do this pirate stuff

    • Spy says:

      Um, Only real reason to pirate any game is shitty DRM or overpriced for what it is, and by shitty DRM, I mean a DRM system that hurts the consumer, not the pirate, the otherway is good DRM.

      • Rou says:

        There’s no way to justify pirating a game. No matter what you say, and how you try to defend it, it’s still wrong and illegal.

        • Matt says:

          It’s illegality is a fact. It’s wrong-ness, however, is an opinion.

          • Acos says:

            It’s an opinion that I, alongside thousands of legit paying customers, agree with.


            • Michael says:

              There is only one reason i see as a valid reason to pirate is when yoou live in some unknown country like kazikiastan or something
              Thank god i live in the US and don’t pirate

          • Heinrich says:

            for one the whole basis for anti piracy is that piracy supposedly steals potential profits. this is the equivalent of me getting taken to court by ikea for giving my old couch to my cousin piracy is like this : imagine your car is stolen but its still there when you wake up in the morning…. really its the kind of business they are in, once they sell their product it belongs to the consumer, antipiracy ensures that you never truly own anything you buy.. also for the record something being illegal doesnt mean its wrong, it was illegal to be a jew in nazi germany

            • 5uCk3rPunC4 says:

              You have a beautiful post there. Informed people like you make me feel like the human race is still worth it. (I know it’s not, let a man dream) Piracy is illegal because companies want your money. I pirate, yeah, so the fuck what. I’m 16, I’m poor, and I like games. I support indie devs and actually buy their games, but mainstream stuff like bethesda? Fuck that. They have plenty of money to throw around. It’s all “Intellectual Property” which means it’s not physical and costs nothing to produce (I.E. Raw profit after initial investment) the average initial investmend (development) comes up to around a million or so USD, this is made back within the first few days (for popular games) and the coming months for not. Indie producers put months to years into their games and spend minimalist budgets (less than 10k, usually more like 1k) and they make a killing. Difference is they deserve it. Get educated motherfuckers.

        • Lerris says:

          Pirate game, install game, play game.

          Buy game. Install game, install process interrupted while it asks for CDkey to prove you payed for game. Install continues.

          Try to play game, get informed you require Steam and/or windows live account, even to play single player. Must be logged into said account to save your game.

          Activate game on said service possibly requiring signing up for service. Run yet another program on your system you don’t want but are required to use.

          Possibly be unable to play game if not online/service is down. Must keep DVD in drive to play game or it fails CD check, despite already being activated on multiple services.

          And you wonder why people pirate game? The fact is, and there have been studies on this, DRM encourages piracy. Yes .Encourages. For all the reasons I just listed and more. For the 100 and 1 hoops a paying customer must jump through, a downloaded and cracked version of a game suddenly becomes 100 times more convenient.

          You might be familiar with this image dealing with movie piracy, it sums up the problem pretty accurately.

          • Tyggna says:

            Yeah, that might apply to some ubisoft games (Assassin’s Creed 2), but in the case of Garry’s Mod, he provides a free version (Gmod 9) that you can get working and playable on steam with the source SDK. Version 9 is a pain to setup. Took me about 2 hours to get it working.
            With version 10 (the one you buy), you have to already have steam source games for it to work. With the steam client, you buy the game, click a button and it works. No installer, no cd keys–still uses DRM, but no useless crap.
            +1 Garry (also, let me know what server you play on so I can get the achievement)

            • Morialkar says:

              Your point is good, if the person already has steam and any SE2 game… I mean, I paid 25$ to be able to play GMod, and have the bonus to be able to play TF2 at the same time, but I just wanted GMod.. And don’t get me started on ridiculous offline limitations that goes on steam, things like Portal cannot play offline???

          • AJ says:

            Errh, not completely true. I tried a pirated version of Half-Life 2 before I bought it on Steam, and a lot of the textures were missing. Steam isn’t as retarded as that anti-movie piracy stuff, who wants to watch that “you wouldn’t steal a car” ad again? Steam has no ads as far as I know.

            Oh, allow me to correct you:

            Pirate game, virus check game, install game (may end up with an infected computer), play game (may be buggy and have missing stuff).

            Also most keygens, cracks or serials are usually just viruses disguised…

          • VRipper says:

            well this is one reason why piracy is bad. what if valve starts doing the same thing?

        • david says:

          I can justify piracy pretty easily.
          Intellectual property rights cannot coexist with natural property rights, therefore it is an invalid ‘right’.
          There are great business models that don’t require Intellectual property rights.
          No matter what ‘the state’ says about an idea’s legitimacy doesn’t mean it’s valid.
          I paid $4 for Gmod on sale btw.

          • D says:

            But in this world there are intellectual property rights and natural property rights. Who are you to say they can’t coexist? You can’t decide that. Garry owns Garry’s Mod therefore it’s his property. You’re just an idiot trying to sound smart. You can’t justify piracy. Period. You are wrong.

            • 5uCk3rPunC4 says:

              Wrong. (@D) Owning intellectual rights basically means that someone owns something that doesn’t exist. That’s like saying I can’t imagine something because you copyrighted it. “Dude I had this dream last night about dragons” “Oh really? See you in court you fucking pirate”

            • 5uCk3rPunC4 says:

              It’s illegal to masturbate or watch porn until you’re 18. Lolfuckthatshit.

        • Seamus the Pigeon says:


          Is buying Gmod off of Steam pirating…cause I boguth it off of Steam and mine dosen’t work

          • Rilex says:

            That was an engine update.

          • Shaun says:

            You’re okay dude, garry will be nice to you :)

          • Zaphod says:

            Well if you didn’t pirate, then they will cross-reference the number with your steam account, verify that you did buy it, and then help you fix it. :)

          • asdfhjgasdkfasdfgasdfgasdgasdfhadfhsfghsdfg says:

            If you payed $9.99 for it, it isn’t piracy. If you payed more, you got ripped off. If you payed less, it’s piracy. Very simple.

            • Tristan says:

              Not quite. I paid for Gmod during the Steam sale, so I infact paid less than 10 bucks for it (I paid 11, but that included CS:S.) So I paid a good amount less than the 10 dollars, but didn’t pirate it.

            • Advisorbuggy says:

              I bought the game when it was more than 10 dollars. That was before left for dead 1! Now i cant play the game due to a piracy error. I have not pirated it!

        • Snacks says:

          Except… it’s not illegal everywhere and morals are subjective. Thus, your argument is m00t.

    • GroundHog46 says:

      rlucas1996 : That idea is almost as ridiculous as your spelling skills.

    • Mythor says:

      Garry’s Mod is ten freaking dollars. Even less if you get it during a sale.
      You have enough money for a machine capable of running Garry’s Mod but you don’t have $10 to buy a legit copy? Boohoo. :P

      • cam says:

        Give him a break guys. He’s only 14. I’m sure he lives in a shanty with his parents, barely able to get by in life. He’s probably on the libraries computer right now. This boy needs sympathy and compassion, not mockery! Weep on, my underprivileged friend, weep on!

        • Kittenz says:

          LOL!!! You have no logic, my friend. If you have the money to pay for a computer capable of running video games, yet not have ten freaking dollars…..well, thats impossible.

      • anonym says:

        WTF? I live with parents, they are poor, and i’ve bought Garry’s Mod ^^

      • Weltenfeind says:

        lol. Every machine now a day can run Garry’s Mod. What a weak ass excuse is that?

        • asdfhjgasdkfasdfgasdfgasdgasdfhadfhsfghsdfg says:

          Not true at all. My machine, which I got for free from the office my dad works at is complete crap and I don’t have enough money to buy another one. I used to have this awesome video card, but I guess 10 years in my brother’s computer and then another 5 months in mine kind of burned it out. I can play gmod on very high graphics but lots of strange things happen sometimes. My brother, on the other hand got a computer which can run crysis on very high graphics at about 60-80 fps and crysis 2 on extreme at 50-70 fps. Actually, now that I thought of it, my computer can run gmod fine except on badly optimized maps or really big ones. So you are probably right.

    • You're a thief says:

      rlucas1996, after doing a simple google search I’ve discovered a lot about you
      You pirated gmod for one, you only own 3 games on steam and you pirate a lot more of games.

      gmod is your most played game, the past week you’ve spent 13 hours playing it.

      I hope you enjoy your error, you 14 year old twat.

      • georges says:

        well done!
        being poor is not “having too little money to buy video games but enough money to play 2 hours a day on a computer”.
        being poor is “not having enough money to eat”

      • Werd Ferd says:

        Using 14 year old as a insult is a little diffrent. I am 10 and making a valad agruement, unlike rlucas, Who most likely is 6. Keep in mind that now-a-days kids who use the computer are teen trolls, Little mingebag kids and smart kids. But calling somone 14 is like saying I am doing this correctly.

        • Werd Ferd says:

          Sorry, I typoed. Am not doing this correctly*

          • Michael says:

            werd ferd if your really ten like me, bravo. thank you for showing people that people who are 10 are not the trolls!

          • asdfhjgasdkfasdfgasdfgasdgasdfhadfhsfghsdfg says:

            I’m 11 and I’m the most mature person I know and my parents and my brothers and my friends all know. I can’t believe all these 12 year old stereotypes. Teenagers are so stupid sometimes, I’m glad I’m not gonna be like any of those fags.

            • Klitri says:

              That’s rude, who says it’s the teenagers either? If you want the truth it’s the adults who think they know everything. _-_

    • John Tuttle says:

      My son turned 14 in December. He doesn’t have a job. He can’t be bothered to do more than a bare minimum of work around the house to earn money. Despite all that, he’s bought:

      Garry’s Mod
      Team Fortress 2
      Left 4 Dead
      Left 4 Dead 2
      Fallout: New Vegas
      Alien Swarm
      Poker Night at the Inventory
      Cities XL
      Day of Defeat
      Minecraft (not Steam, but you get the point)

      So go take your lame “I’m too poor” excuse and stick it in your ear.

    • Cansen says:

      It seems you have an account that have uploaded ripped games onto torrent sites. And they are horrible games. Smackdown?

    • Deci says:

      Really? Can’t afford it? The game is $9.99. If you can’t afford it, you should probably not be playing games and working instead to feed and clothe yourself.

      • FrankyBalls says:

        $10 is 10 months wages in some countries. Get off your high-horse.

        • Pigswill says:

          Yeah, I’m sure those Koreans in sweat shops are saving up all of their money to go home and play video games on their shiny new computers. Please think about what you’re saying before you start attacking others.

          • FrankyBalls says:

            And here comes the racist abuse from pigswill. Appropriate name.

            • mighty_dervish says:

              How is what he is saying racist? 10 dollars or 1000 dollars, if you can’t afford to pay for it, don’t steal it. If you are too poor to pay 10 dollars for a game, then gaming shouldn’t be a priority.

              • J'zed says:

                Well piracy is not exactly stealing. If one truly cannot afford the game and decides to download it illegally, the seller won’t lose anything as he wouldn’t have bought it anyway. But yeah, one who can’t afford a $10 dollar game wouldn’t have the money to buy a PC to play it on either..

        • Mike says:

          If $10 is 10 months wages to you, Garry’s Mod (an add-on to a game that costs 4x that amount) should be very damn near the bottom of your priorities list.

        • Jakxx says:


          sorry, but you are an idiot. what makes you think that people who earn as little as $10 (which might be true) don’t have ANYthing else to do but to save up for a video game?

          sersiously… why am I even taking the time to reply to such an idiotic post…

        • Kittenz says:

          Lol. Then why buy a computer? I think you need to learn some economics.

        • Shaun says:

          If thats all you get, you shouldn’t even have electricity never mind a computer fast enough to run gmod, and internet…

        • asdfhjgasdkfasdfgasdfgasdgasdfhadfhsfghsdfg says:

          Seriously? What kind of weak ass argument is that? Most of the people who live there have probably never even heard of Half life 2 or Garry’s mod. Also, I think someone getting $1 a month wouldn’t give a shit about buying Garry’s mod, if they even knew about it.

          I do believe I have proved my point, and you sort of got pwnt.

    • Hyoscine says:

      It’s practically the definition of being poor that you don’t get to own everything you’d like. Suck it up.

    • No says:

      You don’t get to steal just because a piece of entertainment is more expensive than you’re willing to pay. Either stop playing or start paying, crook.

      • asdfhjgasdkfasdfgasdfgasdgasdfhadfhsfghsdfg says:

        Well, when you think of it, pirating something like FL-Studio is not illegal until you use it for commercial purposes. For me, FL-Studio is a form of entertainment.

        • skidzorz says:

          You’re retarded. Just because you don’t use FL Studios for commercial purposes doesn’t mean it’s not pirating. Did you pay for it? No? Then it’s pirated, plain and simple.

          • Dan says:

            A) Calling someone a retard isn’t an insult, you are just showing how much of an idiot you are
            B) Its not stealing, its free for non-commerical use.

            So please try again skidzorz.

            • Skidzorz says:

              a) When I call someone a retard it means they are about as smart as one, it’s not a direct insult word like faggot or douchebag
              b) it IS stealing. And it is NOT free not non-commercial use. You have to pay for FL. If a company charges you for something, and doesn’t give you the option of getting it free THROUGH them, then it’s not free to use, for commercial, or home purposes.

              • Dan says:

                A) You use insults because you can’t excercise a little restraint, or expand your vocabulary, yet I am the idiot? Take a step back, thats the kettle calling the pot black there mate.
                B) FL studio is free THROUGH them if it isn’t used for commercial purposes, like unity3d is, it is free till you distribute anything made on it, personal use is fine, why is this concept lost on you.

    • Craig says:

      You’re just mad because you got banned.

    • Pvt. Jackass says:

      Because $10 (and $2.50~$5 during sales) is too much to ask for, amirite?

      • 4444444444444 says:

        There is a reason. Steam is a piece of shit program. I have bought many games on it, including garry’s mod. But I don’t want to deal with so I started downloading pirated versions of the GAME I ALREADY PAID FOR AND OWN. Like Fallout New Vegas – fuck that shit. Bought the game and can’t even play it because Steam keeps wanting to re-download the entire game. Well, pirated version here I come.

        Fuck you guys.

        • Uber says:

          There is not a reason, Steam is not a piece of shit program, it’ called a glitch idiot face, and from what I see it is only happening to you (probably karma). The fact that you pirated Garry’s Mod when you already owned the game, are you retarded? All it takes to play the game on Steam is 2 clicks. A pirated version takes possibly 10 times longer to setup. Steam is also the #1 Game distributor on the PC right now.

          Your just some faggot trying to justify Pirating. Well you can’t, and you won’t ever. So shut the fuck up about it.

          • Correcter says:

            What? Don’t lie to the person or anyone else, he isn’t justifying anything, he said since steam has a chance to not work (and trust me, it has a lot of people who can’t play games on it, just because it is ranked “best in the world!” doesn’t mean it isn’t perfect). I like how this entire page is a bunch of people who call eachother names, typical though I mean, this is the internet.

    • Jubbi says:

      Mate, if u can’t pay 10$ then how the hell do u pay the internet connection?

    • Matthew says:

      obvious troll is successful

    • Harlan Sanders says:

      If you can’t afford the game, don’t play it. Find something free to do…

    • Conroy says:

      Garry’s Mod is a $10 game on Steam, there is no reason to pirate such an inexpensive game.

    • Acos says:

      You couldn’t afford a $5 game, but you could afford the new video card to play a pirated copy of a great game, with no intention of purchasing it.

      Your whining falls on deaf ears.

    • Lcpl. Kitty says:

      WOW. I am 14, three months ago I was able to make myself $150. It’s easy as shit, just look around for people who need help. I don’t have this money anymore 9 (Killing Floor, Orange box, Portal 2…). But even if you can’t afford it, how in the HELL can you afford a working computer (at least $200 for one that can barely run Internet explorer).

    • B says:

      So just asking, do you think that gas is too expensive and steal that too? Or anything else?

      yes I’ve stolen games before out of boredom and lack of cash.

      but that’s a BS excuse it’s still theft.

      • Mateusz says:

        It isn’t theft though. Theft Is taking something away and piracy is just duplicating that thing.

        • B says:

          The action or crime of stealing: “he was convicted of theft”; “the latest theft happened at a garage”.

          stealing present participle of steal (Verb)
          Take (another person’s property) without permission or legal right and without intending to return it: “thieves stole her bicycle”

          Youdon’t have legal right to take even a copy of the game nor do you have permission. It’s stealing, it’s theft. The rest is just justification to yourself.

          • G a L l E r Y says:

            Oh you have access to a dictionary, nobody gives a shit! Just get over the fact that piracy will never ever stop okay! As long as there is something to pirate, that thing will be pirated.

            • B says:

              1> where did I say it wouldn’t?

              2> time to throw a tanrum like a little kid.

              3> I just wish pirates would be honest and say they’re stealing stuff, because all the justification in the world doesn’t make it not theft.

    • Herledoo says:

      Dude, Gmod is ten dollars. If you’re so poor you can’t even buy gmod, you shouldn’t even have a computer or internet access.

    • Doobs says:

      Shush, fucker. It’s illegal and the only reason you don’t have it is because mommy and daddy won’t let you use the credit card because you won’t eat your veggies at the table while you’re dreaming about Polly Pockets and slap bracelets.

  3. […] Gamepron reports an error was deliberately introduced to Garry’s Mod, causing pirate users only to receive a mysterious error message. […]

  4. sCW says:

    haha good stuff!

  5. You're a thief says:

    rlucas1996, after doing a simple google search I’ve discovered a lot about you.

    You pirated gmod for one, you only own 3 games on steam and you pirate a lot more of games.

    gmod is your most played game, the past week you’ve spent 13 hours playing it.

    I hope you enjoy your error, you 14 year old twat.

  6. Is Gary violating IP? says:

    Gary’s website is covered in copyright violations.

    Every character he did not license is not his to use nor to leverage. The use of Half-life 1 characters he enabled, is not licensed regardless if you own the software or not.

    That IP is not licensed to Gary or the end user.

  7. Derpyderp says:

    You know, I’ve avoided garry’s mod because I never had the extra money but this just seems assholeish to me. Just for that, you’ve earned yourself another pirate.

    • Aerdan says:

      ‘Assholeish’? Punking pirates is ‘assholeish’?

      I’m sorry, but…if you can’t afford to spend $10 on a game, GET A FUCKING JOB. If you can’t be BOTHERED to spend $10 on a game, GET A FUCKING LIFE.

      • RoyBrown says:

        Sorry that some people have more important things to spend money on than games

        It’s not like everyone can just suddenly go find a job that pays more. Some people can’t even find work at all. The city I live in has over 20% unemployment, and no, thats not because we’re all “too lazy”

        I buy what I can afford, I pirate what I can’t. Does it hurt the developer? Nope! Because I wouldn’t have bought it to begin with.

        • derp says:

          Spin it anyway you want, stealing is stealing. What kind of games do you afford under $10? Just work a couple more hours flipping burgers With your argument it would be ok for me to steal a BMW. Since I can’t afford one, they aren’t really losing a sale if I just take one.

          • IAN says:

            Derp, give it up. These guys cannot be reasoned with.

            They’ll take a big bong hit then say “hay MAN. It’s JUST BITS MAN! You can’t, you know, SELL BITS! The DATA WANTS TO BE FREE, MAN! Hey, got any cheetos?”

            Then they crash on your couch because their mom kicked them out of the trailer.

            And I love the “more important things to spend money on” angle. But hey, not so important that they take time and bandwidth pirating the game. It’s like the movie pirates who say all movies suck, and that’s why they download as many as they can and hoard them. Because they suck.

            It’s sad, really.

          • JunkMe says:

            Expect BMW are physical products that require REAL resources to make and produce. Data doesn’t once the first copy is made subsequent copies are virtually free (small cost in-terms of bandwidth). The whole economic model of trying to sell data is fundamentally flawed because of the nature of information, which is nothing more then entropy. To put it bluntly you can’t stop the creation of entropy (or flow of information), with out preventing access to said information (which is obviously impossible).

            That being said I do OWN a copy of GMOD because I do support indi-games and DRM free games. The fact that this asshat would add this bullshit does piss me off, and I will no longer buy his games. DRM in any form is bull. I don’t buy broken games in the same way I don’t buy broken cars.

            • DoctorsDad says:

              Information is the exact opposite of entropy – It takes significant skill and effort to organise random bits into meaningful data. That effort deserves to be rewarded.

              • Bozobub says:

                Physics fail. In fact, entropy is also the direct measure of the information a given system contains. If you ADD information, you INCREASE entropy, that simple.

              • junkme says:

                Read Shanon’s paper on information theory, information and entropy share the same formula, and once you get small enough they are the SAME thing. It also takes a lot of effort to roll a boulder up a hill, but the laws of physics still says it will eventually roll back down. We should not be crafting laws around impossible ideas.

                • DoctorsDad says:

                  OK, hands up, typing in haste I inverted what I intended to say. Shannon (note spelling) agrees that the less random the data the higher the entropy and the greater the info content. Thermodynamics tells us that reducing entropy by organising energy in one place leads to larger increases elsewhere as work i s performed. If you roll the boulder into a caldera on the top of a volcano it will stay there as long as th volcano lasts. My basic point is that if you benefit from the work of others, you are morally obliged to pay for it.

            • Halifax says:

              Game developers often make huge investments in their games in both time and money (sometimes more one than the other) and I feel they deserve to be paid for their investment. DRM may be necessary for those that have invested more money in their works, although Steam is the only DRM that’s been done well so far. Data doesn’t “want to be free” – it’s the users that want it to be free. Developers just need to either find DRM that benefits the end users or they need to offer incentive to pay for the games, like and do.

              If you haven’t heard of it yet you’ll probably like – a new bundle started yesterday. I own all those games on Steam already but I support every Humble Bundle that comes out because I like what they’re doing. It’s pay-what-you-want for good DRM-free games, and you can choose how much of the money you spend on it goes to charity (EFF and Child’s Play). They even offer multi-platform installers and often soundtracks, as well. If the devs already got money from you like they did from me then it’s a good chance to donate to charity.

              • junkme says:

                I have actually, and I LOVE the idea. I bought the bundle the last time it came around… not sure I’ll be able to this time though… I’m broke till I get my next check at the end of the month :/

                I haven’t even looked at it this time though… maybe I’ll scrape together my quarters if there’s something good there.

                • Mr Zoolook says:

                  Perhaps you should donate some of your cheque to buy a copy of GMod for RoyBrown then – You’d be supporting Garry!

                  • junkme says:

                    I have no desire to support Garry. I don’t support anyone who break’s their products regardless of the reason. Garry has FOREVER lost my money.

                    I have principles, and I stick by them. One of my principles is I never by games with DRM in them.

            • asdfhjgasdkfasdfgasdfgasdgasdfhadfhsfghsdfg says:

              Cars take physical resources. Yes, that’s true. But garry’s mod takes HUMAN resources (in other words, a complete year of Garry’s life spent developing gmod infront of a computer, staying up very late MOSTLY FOR US, He isn’t only doing it for him self) and a lot of time, skill and patience. That deserves to be rewarded.

          • RoyBrown says:

            Uh, if I steal a BMW I wasn’t going to buy, they lose that product.
            If I steal a virtual copy of a game I wasn’t going to buy, they lose NOTHING. ZIP. NADA.

            • anon says:

              they lose a sale, dipwad.

              • immutable says:

                There’s a lot of well educated folks who agree with Minecraft’s creator in believing that there’s no such thing as a ‘lost sale’.


              • randomguy says:

                He just said he wasn’t going to buy it because he couldn’t! DERP!

                IF he does pirate and like it maybe when he does have money he will give it to the dev. If he didn’t pirate it he probably would have forgot about it and bought a different new game.

                • Mr Zoolook says:

                  What incentive would he have to do that? If he pirates it, he gets a working game for free… at the expense of the developers hard work and monetary investment. Because of his pirate copy over bought copy, he obviously does not care to support the development of the game anyway, so what suddenly would make him change his mind??

                  • Dan says:

                    I pirated 4 games in my life a) Minecraft, i loved it, brought it b) Half life 2, same as minecraft, 3) skyrim, same as minecraft (i actually now own 3 copies of skyrim one for each platform, i enjoyed it so much) and halo ce, which i hated so i deleted. Zoolook your reasoning is borderline stupid, if someone enjoys a game, they want to support the developer so more of the games come, you keeping up?

                    • You serious says:

                      Are you even ‘attempting’ to say that people with pirate copies of games they enjoy will always pay for the real thing? And you had the audacity to say the comment you replied to was borderline stupid. If that’s so, your commment IS over that line! You know it and I know it, so stop trolling!

                  • Dan says:

                    Let me break it down for you in the easiest possible way, having a varying opinion doesn’t mean I am trolling, got it? Now I welcome you to quote the part that says I said everyone who pirates software will buy it if they like it, I was speaking of me personally, and why I download, because once again, you for the second time tarnashed a group with the same brush instead of looking at individual reasons, and thus looking like a fool.

            • DoctorsDad says:

              It doesn’t matter whether hey lose anything or not, they still weren’t your bits to copy!

          • positivew says:

            So, you wouldn’t put an immobilizer on your BMW either? Because essentially, that is the equivalent of DRM. And a car with an immobilizer is a broken car?

            • junkme says:

              No it’s not. Physical property is different then information. Someone can copy my information with out taking my copy, the same can not be said for cars. Forcing comparisons which don’t take these differences into account is the same thing as equivocating (a logical fallacy).

          • Cyleleghorn says:

            I see your point about how stealing is stealing, but a car is alot different then a game. Especially a game where the developer doesnt even sell it on discs. When you want to make copies of the game, you copy, and then you paste, and the only production cost is Garry’s time, and then in some cases (not this one, since it is almost completely valves work) hiring scriptors or artists. When companies make cars to sell, if somebody steals one then the company is out $50,000 or however much that car cost to make. Just had to point this out, I am not supporting pirating lol :p

        • simple country tech says:

          >he city I live in has over 20% unemployment, and no, thats not >because we’re all “too lazy”
          Nope, just poorly educated and too mulish to learn a new trick.

        • Jonas says:

          “Sorry that some people have more important things to spend money on than games”

          This is absolutely no excuse to pirate, though.

          • Halifax says:

            They have more important things to spend their money on, like more games.


            They have more important things to spend their money on, but nothing more important to do than play pirated games.

            (the “more important things” they have to spend money on are their gaming PCs they play pirated games on)

        • Mr Zoolook says:

          I’d like to see that logic applied to withdrawing a million pounds from a bank “I’m just gonna take it because I cant afford to carry it around with me”…

        • Uber says:

          Well if you have more important things to spend money on instead of games WHY THE FUCK DO YOU CARE ABOUT GAMES?

          If you have more important things to do, shouldn’t you be doing THAT instead of trying to get a pirated version of Garry’s Mod?

          Your ignorance disgusts me.

          Everything about “you people” disgust me.

          Get the fuck out.

      • magix says:

        You spoiled US fat stupid punks! Some families spend all earned money on rent, clothing and food. Their children can forget about any money, they got the computer from the family and also want to have fun-like all children.

        • asdfhjgasdkfasdfgasdfgasdgasdfhadfhsfghsdfg says:

          Yeah, Americans have so much money they just spend it all on EXTRA food and EXTRA clothes and then they get fat and stupid! Some of them don’t even know if Africa is a country or not! There are 3 million adult Americans who can’t read! God damn it, then they move to Canada and now Canada is starting to go obese because of the American’s telepathic powers!

    • Someone says:

      “Assholeish” seems to describe you well Derpyderp.
      Garry is having fun with pirates. Garry is a victim of theft, now the thefts are victims, and are complaining about it. Serves them right.

      I honestly hope he implements automatic error report uploading. Becasue this is pure genius. So he catches all the pirates and all the Steam ids are crosschecked with Valve (To ensure they were pirated) and are banned.

      • Baconbits says:

        A victim of theft??!?! Why hasn’t Garry called the police? Filed a police report?

        Bullshit. Theft is a criminal act. All he might be able to claim is copyright infringement which is a civil complaint.

        Copying is not stealing, and it isn’t theft. Hate to burst your bubble.

        • Pug says:

          Really? Then you won’t mind if I “copy” all your bank account details and use them. It’s just copying and your not losing any real money! It’s just data endlessly reproduced for free! By the banks! You simply won’t have access to it anymore!

        • Manny says:

          I am confused. How exactly is this a criminal offense? There is no damage; the only effect is that you cannot use a product for which you do not even own a license that allows you to use it.

          That’s like saying: “I’m going to report you to the police! I tried to steal your BMW but the doors are locked! You criminal bastard!”

          • Gary says:

            Beautifully worded, Manny.

            Someone could literally spend their entire life enjoying content on the Internet that the authors are sharing for free – games, music, videos, etc. – there’s no excuse for stealing the small amount of content out there that people are charging money for.

        • Halifax says:

          People need to realize that traditional theft and digital theft are two separate things. You can’t compare one to the other because they’re not the same. Yes it’s true that the amount of money lost by the one selling the data is negligible, but it’s also true that it is still stealing. You’re utilizing an alternate, unauthorized means to acquire data for free that is being sold by whoever owns the rights to the data. Anyone saying that is not a form of theft is just trying to justify themselves and their actions so that they feel like the good guy in this scenario. Just because it’s much easier to do without being caught than traditional theft doesn’t mean it’s any more acceptable. Same goes for how so many people do it – lots of people smoke cigarettes but that’s been proven to be harmful to the smoker and even the people around them (as well as any electronics, especially optical devices, in their homes). That doesn’t mean smoking is suddenly safe despite what all these “doctors” and the “surgeon general” say.

        • asdfhjgasdkfasdfgasdfgasdgasdfhadfhsfghsdfg says:

          He hasn’t called the police because he can fix it himself. Also, copying something you have to pay for is stealing.


          Hee hee!

          AHAAHAHHAHAAHHAHAH! I just had to do that!

      • Halifax says:

        Personally, I would’ve liked it more if the game worked but every now and then it would screw things up, like have every object explode and be destroyed every five minutes, or every ragdoll or NPC placed would be constantly screaming. Random colors could be applied to all surfaces, or maybe it would randomly remap all your keyboard controls every time you start the game and give an innocent-sounding error for it like “Error loading keyboard configuration. Controls may not work correctly.”

        This is more akin to trolling than being an asshole. And even then he’s trolling people who refuse to pay for a product he’s selling and still try to get it anyway.

        • Mr Zoolook says:

          Maybe it could work as per normal, but automatically charge your steam account to unlock the game… I wonder how many pirates would THEN complain about theft!!

    • john doe says:

      Yea same here, u’ve earned another one :)

    • Kittenz says:

      Wondering if i should troll this guy. Anyone got any evil/hurtful things to say towards him?

  8. Pixelantes Anonymous says:

    Hypotethically speaking.

    What would happen, if I posted this error message with someone else’s steam id?

    • Answer Key says:

      “Y’see, Steam keeps a list of which accounts have actually forked over the $9.99 for a legit copy of GMod – so it’s a simple matter of checking ids and turfing out the pirates.”

      It’s right there in the article.

      Steam has a list of who paid and cross-checks the IDs.

      • Pixelantes Anonymous says:

        Why would I post with a Steam ID of someone who paid for the mod?

        The whole point of doing something like this would be to post with a Steam ID of someone who did NOT pay for the mod.

        • Halifax says:

          How do you know both their Steam IDs and that they didn’t pay for the game? And aside from that, I think that just gets you a perma-ban from the forums. What prevents you from playing should have been rolled out in an automatic update to the game via Steam, or should be present in any new installs from current files.

    • Cansen says:

      I’m sure the steam ID is worth shit once the error message with the digits is looked up.

  9. King Reggin says:

    I plan to sue for this, this is illegal in my country. Garry’s Mod will cease to exist within 48 hours.

    • IAN says:

      LOL. It will “cease to exist.” OH boy!

      Silly pirates.

    • The Rogue Economist says:

      Too bad that, when you registered for Steam, you agreed to a legally-binding contract (the EULA) with a company registered out of the United States, and American contract law applies here. If you pirated the game, you violated the EULA, and they are well within their rights to disable your account as a result.

      Unless, of course, you’re simply speaking theoretically, in which case you wouldn’t have standing to file the suit, as no harm was done to you.

      • Benjamin says:

        Actually, the EULA is not legally-binding in many countries. This is at the very least true for all EU countries. In EU, a contract is only binding if signed; either by ink, or by state approved digital signing. The signing is thus made for the EULA in Steam is null and void in the courts of any country in the EU.

        However, he can’t sue for this even though the EULA does not apply ;) Most likely, he’ll end up having to pay for copyright breach violations, as that are the root cause of his troubles.

        • dwarfsoft says:

          So, if its not legally binding then neither of you has to abide by the contract, so they can still terminate service. Whats the difference?

          • notk says:

            If there was no difference, then we would not have EULAs. Generally, EULAs spell out a combination of existing rights of the software publisher along with restrictions on the purchaser and rights for the software author which are not provided by general law.

            It is an undecided in case law in most jurisdictions as to what the full capabilities of EULAS are, but there is some existing caselaw suggesting that EULAS which are not available at time of purchase are cannot be binding.

        • Stephen says:

          “In EU, a contract is only binding if signed; either by ink, or by state approved digital signing.”

          Er, we also have, like, verbal contracts and so on.

          Basically, nup. You made that up.

    • Jonas says:

      OK, I’m counting down for you… How’s things going?

    • DoctorsDad says:

      Wonder how you’ll pay the legal fees if you can’t find $10?

    • asdfhjgasdkfasdfgasdfgasdgasdfhadfhsfghsdfg says:

      It’s been 7 months. How’s that working out for you?

    • Guy says:

      You posted this in 2011. Still no Garry’s Mod lawsuits.

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  12. […] Pirates, BansBy Jim Rossignol on April 13th, 2011 at 09:23 Unforunately-named news site Gamepron is reporting that Mr Garry Newman, creator of Garry’s Mod, has gone and done something clever: he […]

  13. Joel says:

    Yeah, so, there’s a pleasingly large number of people rightly taking the minority of people who attempt to justify piracy in this comment thread to task. But here’s my contribution anyway:

    The prevailing argument in this thread seems to be “I don’t have enough money to buy games”. Sorry, I didn’t realise that constant access to videogames was one of our basic human rights. I was under the impression that they were a luxury, and like all luxuries, if you can’t afford them, you don’t get them.

  14. fuck your anti piracy
    cuz piracy = win

    • Miniguy says:

      it’s 10 friggin dollars, is it really that hard to pay such a small amount?

      • Halifax says:

        It’s actually even cheaper sometimes because of sales. Let the children pirate the games. They’ll eventually grow up and realize how silly comments like whatup_MRTROUT’s really sound.

        I used to pirate games, but then I matured and realized how silly it all was. Now there are things like and and I don’t NEED to pirate things anymore. Not to mention I actually make money now so I can afford to give to charities for the Humble Bundle even though I already bought all those games on Steam.

    • That-guy says:

      Piracy is not win, anti piracy is win. You sir are a dumbass, also learn to spell.

      • Shaun says:

        Personally I love the Idea of the pirates spreading their informations (steam ID) all over the internet for everyone to see how stupid they are.

  15. Richard says:

    There was I wondering just how (and why) you shade a polygon normal.

    I’d not heard about the game before this article. I ought to check it out (having found out what platform it works on)

    • asdfhjgasdkfasdfgasdfgasdgasdfhadfhsfghsdfg says:

      It’s something the game does in the backround. It’s 2011, games are 3D now. And good 3D.

  16. Anon says:

    I don’t think smug anti-piracy is worthy game news.

    I BOUGHT garrys mod, and every time I look at it in my steam list I get buyers remorse.
    I’d feel the same way if it cost 5$. By now it should.

    Griefing roleplayers was my biggest achievement, and I’d have no problems pirating mr.Newman’s future works if he ever tries to leave mod-maker mediocrity.

  17. OpenWarSim says:

    I think I’ll buy Garry’s Mod from Steam, just to support this guy.

    I don’t believe in piracy, as most pirates are young kids who spend all their parent-given money on everything else, since they CAN pirate their games. Sure, I don’t mind if you download it, test it out, THEN buy it or uninstall it. Test driving a car, to me, ESPECIALLY games that don’t provide demos to test out on your machine first.

    But don’t download it and play it forever, I don’t care what your stance is, the guy deserves to be paid for his time and effort. It’s ten f#$%ing dollars.

    • MrBadger says:

      Totally agree. Never saw much point in it but hey it’s fun and the guy deserves it. Yay to him and ROFLs to the pirate kiddies who whine about how it’s so unfair. Morons.

    • asdfhjgasdkfasdfgasdfgasdgasdfhadfhsfghsdfg says:

      Yeah, totally agree. Like the thing you said about testing it then buying it, it’s like saying practicing driving without a licence in an empty parking lot is bad. Once you take it out on the busy street, THEN it’s bad.

  18. Dudeface says:

    Well done Newman for doing this! It teaches the Pirates to not steal from a very excellent game!

    It’s funny how all the pirates respond with “10 DOLLARS I DON’T HAVE!”
    Well, if you don’t have 10 dollars to buy a game, then how come you have more to buy
    A car
    A computer
    A flat/house?

    • Halifax says:

      I’m gonna go with “because those are all things people need now.” You have to live somewhere, you have to have a reliable car to get to work, and you need a computer for many things. What I don’t get is why people feel entitled to own so many things for free that others are trying to make a living by selling.

  19. FreeGamer says:

    Paying for a over priced DRM game should be a crime. DRM are basically malware. It should be everyone’s internet civic duty to pirate, jail break, and distribute it.

    $10 for a game is fair price. There should be no reason to bootleg or pirate it. Having the game stop running like this is nothing short of genius.

    if you have trouble scraping together the $10 to pay for it, go play a free game.

  20. Jill says:

    meh, only value of this game is raging rpfags.

  21. […] climbing by the minutes). This is partly as a result of me stupidly mentioning it on Twitter and lots, and lots, and lots of news sites posting about it. I don’t really understand why it’s […]

  22. derped says:

    I reckon it’ stupid that people are arguing over this. Most pirates and 12 year olds who dont have a bank account, dont have jobs so they pirate the game. When I bought GMOD I had to work for something that paid to my bank account, because If i didnt i would find it very difficult to earn money online via the internet. I mean, they may have lots of wallet money, but with no bank account, how can they transfer it on to the internet to pay for it?

    • Floydicus says:

      its called their parents. when i was a little kid and wanted something off of a website or the internet, i would give the money to my mom and she would use her bank/credit card to pay for it. i dont see that as a valid excuse because everybody knows at least one person who can do this for them, and in the age of everything being paid electronically, its really hard to get buy without some way to buy things online.

      i dont feel sorry for pirates at all, people today want instant gratification. they see something they want and they want it now, and most of the time they dont want to pay for it. if they dont have the money they can wait and save up, wait for it to go on sale, or just forget about it. as a fellow programmer i know the time it can take to make a game mod, i know how long it takes to make simple programs, so mr. newman gets my respect for catching pirates so he gets the compensation he deserves for making a really good mod

  23. frostbytten says:

    See, that’s what I’m talking about. Innovative and just annoying enough to leak out the pirates. No cumbersome DRM, just good old-fashioned hackery. Good job!

    • Gary says:

      Bang on target, frosbytten. A DRM technique that legit users won’t even notice, but leads pirates to burn themselves = WIN.

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  25. Riiight says:

    So now I have to buy this mod to ensure that my Steam account is not shut down? Real nice. You know that as soon as people realize that posting the error message will shut down the listed steam account, they’re going to just start posting it with random account numbers just for the lulz. I’d expect /b/ to be all over this.

    • Halifax says:

      Won’t work. Steam knows who has and has not bought it. Reporting a Steam ID of someone that bought it will result in a little wasted time from you and whoever reads that E-mail at Steam support. Nothing more.

      …/b/ is a shithole now. I remember when it used to be good.

      • FrankyBalls says:

        If that’s the case, then posting SteamID is not necessary. Sorry, but as a software developer myself, I would never play such a dirty trick. Doing so will only reduce the likelyhood of future purchases.

      • Joost Eerdmans says:

        the third ever post on /b/ was a GET … /b/ was NEVER good.

    • TerrorBite says:

      Yeah, I thought of this too. Luckily, I bought Garry’s Mod some months ago (don’t play it much though), so I’m safe.

      Also, keep in mind that the Steam ID is a 64 bit number, 20 digits long, with 18 quintillion possible combinations. If every single living human in the world randomly selected a number in that range, the odds of someone picking your 64 bit number are the same as the odds of you not only picking the winning 6 numbers in a lottery, but also correctly guessing the order that they are drawn in.*

      However, you should still be worried about unscrupulous Steam friends who can see your steam ID number, or people randomly browsing through the Steam Community site looking for ID numbers.

      *(Calculated using 2009 estimate of Earth’s population: 6.79 billion people, giving calculated odds of 1 in 2.72 billion. For comparison, the odds of winning a lottery with 40 balls where 6 balls are drawn in the correct order, is 1 in 2.76 billion. The chances of winning the same lottery when the order does not matter is 720 times greater, at 1 in 3.83 million. Sources: and

    • Floydicus says:

      first off, \b\ wouldnt bother with this at all because it is quite brilliant. second, i doubt its set up where you have to type in all of that information. if it works like anything else involving steam and bugs, it probably just pops up and has a button that you press that says “send error report”, or something along those lines, nothing to edit by the user and tamper resistant for the most part

  26. Douchebag Pirates says:

    Let the pirates whine. Garry wrote it, and keeps supporting it for the people who paid for it, let him have some fun with the cheapskates who don’t want to or can’t be bothered to pay $9.99 for it. Yes, I own a legit copy, and I use it for creating images, and occasionally spawning dozens of AI characters and sentry guns for my own amusement. Pirates are going to copy/steal/liberate/*insert your euphemism here* regardless of the consequences. Most will grow up and start paying for their shit, and if they don’t, well, eventually they’ll apply their flawed logic to real world items and end up in jail. Good riddance.

  27. FrankyBalls says:

    Wow, a lot of anti-pirates on this website.

    Funny thing is, none of them actually understand anything about it.

    • Halifax says:

      Yeah, not a single one of them understands. Especially not those that used to pirate games themselves, like me.

      Trust me, pirating software doesn’t make you special in any way. Pirates aren’t “misunderstood” – they’re pirates.

      I used to pirate, but then I grew up. Now I support DRM-free games ( like and ) and good DRM schemes, like Steam.

  28. Kåre says:

    That has to be the funniest way of catching pirates. XD
    Wonder if other game developers will try this.

  29. Afro says:

    Because Valve and Gary really need that extra 10 bucks right? Believe or not, there’s some people out there who are actually struggling. Sucks when you don’t have 10 extra bucks to spend on what used to be a free mod until people got greedy. Same crap for Counter Strike, same crap for Day of Defeat. You guys gotta stop living in your sheltered little lives of complete ignorance.

    • SteveMobs says:

      “You guys gotta stop living in your sheltered little lives of complete ignorance.”

      First you must do this. Drop the preachy ego you have and look within. A game is a LUXURY not a requirement. Being strapped for cash is no excuse to steal a luxury. This argument of not having enough money is about as stupid as it gets. It’s not like we’re talking about water or food or air here. Come on man.

      Also, no one is being greedy here. It takes money to continue support and development of software over a long period of time. Something I know better than probably most on here. These guys who made these mods realized that their creation can be a way they can have a job that is enjoyable and is doing what they want to pay the bills. It sure beats working for someone telling you what to do all the time. Who doesn’t want to be their own boss and make their living doing what they want? Or even if they are not their own boss, at least they are making a living doing what they want. I fail to understand how you think this is greedy. I guess getting paid for doing work is being greedy now.

      Your comment, like many others on here is very very sad.

      • Bez says:

        Well, in many places like my city (NYC) even water isn’t free but that’s besides the point.

        Honestly, this is brilliant. If you pirate a game, and the original dev finds a way to counter you, there’s nothing wrong with that.

        “Boo my steam account got banned!” Boo hoo, you were abusing a steam game thus stealing from both Gary and Steam.

        Sad.. very sad. I’m all for people pirating if they want to, do I think it’s right no but it’s bound to happen as it’s human nature basically. However, whining when you are stopped and punished? This is bad as the people who bot/mem hack in online games getting banned and then complaining.

        It’s great :)

  30. josh says:

    Afro, you and all the other butt-hurt pirates/pirate supporters need to actually think before you speak. As Joel said previously, video gaming isn’t a right, its a luxury. If your ass can’t afford/doesn’t want to pay for something, you don’t get it. In fact, if your SOOOO poor you can’t afford $10, you shouldn’t be on the computer. You should be out looking for a job. Now if you’re like me, you can afford it, you just don’t want to pay for it. In which case, I DON’T HAVE THE GAME.

    You pirating the game is like you hacking a FPS (using a cheat program to be more correct since the noobs hacking the games are not smart enough to actually hack it). If your not going to play fair, why bother playing? if you don’t want to pay for it, you must obviously not want to play it that much. (Throwing out that whole “other things are more important” argument).

    Then you go and bitch about DRM. guess what you numbnuts, it’s you and your band of merry brokeasses that caused DRM to be needed in the first place. If you all weren’t so hell bent on being so cheap, there wouldn’t be a need for DRM. That’s like you taking a girl out to eat fast food on your dates… you won’t get a second date and that girl is going to check for losers like you next time.

    • FrankyBalls says:

      Insults eh? Is that a sign of your level of intelligence? Carry ranting incoherently, nobody cares.

    • FrankyBalls says:

      Ah what the hell, even though your posting shows a level of incoherence that is astounding, I’m going to address your points one at a time.

      1. Your hatred of the poor is not a justification.
      2. Relating piracy to cheating doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.
      3. Blaming DRM on piracy doesn’t work either. Ever since DRM was introduced piracy has increased.
      4. DRM is like dating a girl? You seriously need to check your metaphors.

      • SteveMobs says:


        Your comments on here are very suspect for starters. I question the fact that you are supposedly a software developer. Maybe a crack writer to enable piracy. But not someone who makes software that sells. Things are just not adding up here.

        Second, the affect of DRM causing more piracy is a different issue than the reason it is used in the first place. So your #3 point is completely invalid. Josh stated WHY DRM is being used, not its end result.

        Finally, josh did nothing to show he has a hatred for poor. Games ARE a luxury and if you can’t afford them that’s your problem and means nothing. This is not hating on the poor at all. It’s only worthless excuses for a human being that would steal and try to justify it as “being poor” or whatever. It’s not like we’re talking about water, food, or anything required to live. You don’t need games to live.

  31. Retiringsoonerthanyou says:

    You are all right. It’s only 10 bucks! But guess what, if I have avoided paying 10 dollars 100 times, I’m 1000 Dollars richer than you are. That means that I’m going to put that money in my retirement fund and play all my pirated games that much sooner! You’re all fools!

  32. […] appearance of Source engine based games, has come up with such an elegant form of DRM. Yesterday he tweeted whether any people were “unable to shade polygon normals,” an issue that seemed to be […]

  33. lolwin says:

    Its free to program your own game.. or even hex edit the error out….

  34. […] appearance of Source engine based games, has come up with such an elegant form of DRM. Yesterday he tweeted whether any people were “unable to shade polygon normals,” an issue that seemed to be […]

  35. blackbeard says:

    who cares, it will get cracked just like every other game out there…

  36. bigguy says:

    you guys do realize that a lot of the people that pirate aren’t poor… most games on steam require a computer that is a least fairly decent to play. I highly doubt a poor person is able to download and play games on a sh**y computer.

  37. fennec says:

    Nobody gets it right. This is not about pirating the game, it’s about wasting time supporting pirated versions of the game. I’m sure Gary doesn’t really cares about pirated versions of his game. However I’m sure he’s pretty pissed at helping a user complaining about the game not working properly and finding out that’s because of a bad crack.

  38. […] appearance of Source engine based games, has come up with such an elegant form of DRM. Yesterday he tweeted whether any people were “unable to shade polygon normals,” an issue that seemed to be quite […]

  39. John says:

    Right on for Gary.

  40. SQ64 says:

    This will probably be hacked too, being that there are geniuses in the world, and my friends still works…

  41. […] Ludieke piraterij-check van Garry’s Mod De maker van de populaire Source sandbox-mod Garry’s Mod heeft een ludieke manier bedacht om piraten op te sporen: door middel van een neppe foutmelding. De foutmelding bevat informatie over de desbetreffende Steam-gebruiker. […]

  42. Who says:

    I’d be a lot more pleased about this if it wasn’t for the fact that I despise Garry on a personal level.

    • Whatisthis says:

      :( ill grief translate

      Pirate check for garrys mode the maker the popular source sandbox mod garrys mod has made a blegblegbleugh… GAH!

  43. […] Garry’s Mod catches pirates the fun way « GamePron A few hours ago, Garry Newman – the creator of Garry’s Mod – asked, quite innocently, whether […]

  44. Dragonstorm says:

    I bought Garry’s Mod by earning money for it, and since I don’t have a credit I asked my friend to buy it and compensated him for it (see there are plenty of ways to buy it). I think this is just a funny creative way to get rid of people who think they are entitled to everything and that they should be given everything for free. The protection on this stuff is actually more lenient then most, like the Far Cry 2 disc that only gave you 3 downloads and that was it.

  45. […] appearance of Source engine based games, has come up with such an elegant form of DRM. Yesterday he tweeted whether any people were “unable to shade polygon normals,” an issue that seemed to be […]

  46. […] An error was deliberately introduced to Garry’s Mod, causing pirate users only to receive a mysterious error message. Reporting the “unable to shade polygon normals” error not only identified pirates, but also revealed the user’s steam ID. After a rash of reports on the official forums permanent bans were quick to descend. Source: GamerPron […]

  47. […] a coming of Source engine formed games, has come adult with such an superb form of DRM. Yesterday he tweeted either any people were “unable to shade polygon normals,” an emanate that seemed to be quite […]

  48. frentson says:

    xD cause i first found gmod i got a pirated but then sense i need to login i brought the game Sorry Garry’S Mod Creater

  49. Gedzius says:

    This is awesome!

    IDK though, I think permaban is kind of harsh. A bad business tactic as well. Why not just email all of these people and let them know they’ve been caught? I think this would almost scare them into forking up the measly $9.99 But then again they’re probably using hacked steam accounts as well so I guess it really wouldn’t matter. Screw it! Ban them all and let GMan sort ’em out!

  50. connor says:

    why would you pirate its stupid

    • lol says:

      fuck you i dont whant to buy shit

      • Kittenz says:

        Quit being poor you hooker.

        Try being less butt hurt about being a slacker

        What, is this some kind of a joke, 12-year-old

        I’m sorry your dad didn’t pay your child support. Wait, no I’m not

        Is that all you have? Try earning money

        I’m sorry, get life insurance next time your folks die

        • Correcter says:

          What the hell? Why are you being so biased?
          Quit being poor? Impossible, it just sort of happens.
          Judging is NOT a good way to make a point.
          Making jokes about peoples dads not paying CS… Just sad, really.
          Maybe he can’t because he doesn’t have education, or something.
          Rude, sad, and disgusting. Typical for a human to say, typical that you would say such a nasty thing to someone. How do you..sleep at night? :r

  51. anon says:

    I bought garry’s mod with the orange box legit and I’m happy to say I enjoy playing it.

    I mean come on it’s only 5.99 pounds(if your in that currency area) and has been said before it can go even lower on steam sales.

    And it’s not like theres a subscription fee or anything,that’s all I’m saying

  52. Garry you are a genious, man I haven’t laughed so hard in awhile. OMG this is just amazing, way to go man!

  53. That-guy says:

    Pirates gonna rage. I’m glad Gary did this, it made so many dumbass pirates rage and shit their pants. And pirates are pretty bloody useless, they can’t pay up 10$, what a laugh! I laugh and pity all pirates, they shouldn’t even be called pirates.

    Actual pirates had balls, these pirates are just criminal scum that should be locked up for eternity.

    Anti piracy FTW.

  54. […] Garry's Mod catches pirates the fun way « GamePron […]

  55. hooker says:

    haha garry new man got owned back.
    there is a guy who called “skiLL” he made a fix for that :D

  56. Kittenz says:

    Aha! I had some friends on steam ask me about this problem! BLOCKED! ! !

    Pretty genius, Garry.

  57. Kittenz says:

    OK, just to clarify, anyone who thinks they are in the right to pirate a game is either:

    1. A kid who is 14 or under with no common sense/butt hurt about being banned
    2. An idiot who thinks that if you are poor enough, you can’t afford a $10 dollar game
    yet be able to afford a computer
    3. A criminal
    4. A shit with no life

    Honestly, I hope this keeps you from playing. Also, the poor (not wanting to label) don’t sit around playing video games. Use some common sense people, come on!

    • Correcter says:

      I’m back, with more points on your next insult.
      1: Rape jokes are not funny, “Butthurt”. And again, being judgemental. ;)
      2: While I agree with this point, calling people “idiots” is rude.
      3: Pirating is technically not stealing, even if the creator “gave their time to make it”, they only did it once, not every time someone gets a copy of it.
      4: They have lives, everyone does. :r

      Good job with your motivation though, I totally agree that poorer people need to have plans with their futures. Good improvement from your last post!

  58. ahahaha this is fucking GOLDEN.

  59. Nibiru ShinIori319 says:

    Pirates got OWNED :D
    Good thing I have my legit copy since some months ago!

  60. Heath says:

    thats great and all but this better not be why gmod crashes on me now :(

  61. Jacob says:

    I think i was banned but i do have a legit copy anyone know what it might be?

  62. Anon0001 says:

    Garry was in the right to do this, to all the posts above ‘trying’ to legitimize Pirating think about this. You go into a store and steal the same game that you can torrent of the internet, who loses money? The store (and anyone who brings the product to the shelf.), and the developers. Now say with steam, its ‘digital’ so that means I can pirate/steal it b/c its not a real product right? wrong in ever sense of the word. Its the same thing as with the brick and mortar store. Valves employees lose money, and again so do the developers. Saying they are different is short sighted, someone still gets screwed out of the money they worked for. If someone tried to legitimize stealing something you worked for over a year on wouldn’t you want to try to protect it?

  63. […] Pirated-GMODS This is really fumy, garry was smart doing this! Garry’s Mod catches pirates the fun way GamePron […]

  64. AVS619 says:

    This is gay i bought a legit copy of gmod and it dosent work

  65. Waffle says:

    I will admit, me, and almost 100 of my other friends have PURCHASED GARRYSMOD. We are NOT pirates. I will highly get banned for my explaination, but at least I do so to help others who have been banned for purchasing a 10 dollar game.

  66. RandomDude says:

    I didn’t even pirate the game. I bought it with my credit card. Yet after I updated the game today 4-14-11 it just starts up and then right after it says hl2.exe is not responding and then I have to close the game. :(

  67. A hidden figure says:

    Too bad I bought a legit copy of the game and I still crash. Thanks Garry.

    • silva555 says:

      yeah i bought a legit copy too, and my game still crashes on startup…but doesnt give me that polygon shader error, just says it has stopped respondin…any help?

  68. bvxc says:

    сегодня гарис перестал работать в стиме я не знаю чё за хрень

  69. Kaleb says:

    i just purchased the game on steam, yet i load it up, get to loading screen, and it crashes. hl2.exe has stopped working. and i dont get any polygon error.

  70. pac says:

    pretty fucking retarded that this affects me, as well, and I fucking paid for it.

  71. SoulEater(Leon :D) says:

    Wtf i bought the game and i get hl2.exe has stopped working? Ive had garrysmod for 3 years and it was payed for.Ive had it since Gmow was working for it and now this has happend D:

    Please fix this Garry,My friend bought the game 4 days ago and he really liked it untill this happend so please find away to fix it.


  72. nick says:

    its happend to me and I know i bought it off steam….. so what do i do

  73. Lovegaming says:

    Hei, Garry, I have a big problem, I click to steam play gmod, join in game, stay in game 5 seconds and quit automatical, I need help

  74. Moo Moo ! says:

    hey garry, it think this is messed up i bought GMOD off steam for 6 pound but i get “HL2.exe has stopped working”, if the problem is that u dont have hl2 or tf2 or portal etc. i have pretty much all of them so im not sure why this isnt working plz fix this

  75. Blackname55 says:

    I have not pirated this game, however i do pirate other software like music, I think the update is done wrongly, for the fact that ever since this update, i can not start Gmod anylonger, It will immediatly crash, saying HL2.exe has stopped working.

    I myself think it is because of the update =(

  76. WTH says:

    I bought the game fare and square from steam with a friend’s help through Paypal. FAIR AND FRIGGIN SQUARE!! And my game starts up at the menu, shows my background and BLACKSCREEN! WTH was that? Is the update targeting me too if so, then it seems this new update is incomplete! WTH! :)

  77. jack says:

    Garrys mod should be free because after all it is a mod.

  78. TechForce says:

    I own 83 games on steam, including Garry’s Mod.

    I also pirate. I save money because I do a lot of gaming, and when I buy a single player game for $70 only to find out that it either A) Doesn’t work at all or B) Has less than 5 hours of gameplay, it’s a bit of a turn off. I would rather try the demo, or if the developers are too sleazy to make a demo because they know their product is worth about $4 and not $69.99, I download it, try it, delete it within 30 minutes.

    Thus, I only buy games on sale or from VALVe, probably the only creator of good games this past decade.

    And Garry. <3.

    Sorry, but I'm not wasting thousands of dollars on terrible products.

    I bought Mafia II on steam, because I was a die hard fan (and owner) of Mafia 1.

    Probably the biggest waste of money this year for me. 60 bucks down the drain for a terrible, linear, no replayability title.

    There are many, many, many examples of why pirating is worthwhile.

    I don't care about your "U CAN'T JUSTIFY IT ITS STEEELINNN"

    Well guess what, if I could download a car, I'd do that too.

  79. Bartek says:

    I don’t know why but my game is not working when instal it

  80. Uncle-Jaska says:

    Its good way get pirates but i bought the game from steam and its not working!

  81. Elite Kicker says:

    Fuck you man!!

    My Garry’s Mod is Original Steam and Crash here!!

    Fix the Problem!!


  82. Elite Kicker says:

    Fuck this Shit Mod Ant-Pirates!! Not Working!!

  83. Monnyboe says:

    I have an Original Gmod and it chashed.. please get a fix

  84. jackfindlay123 says:

    I have not pirated garrysmod but still its not working the error is halflife2exe has stopped working and then i try it agien and the same thing happens can anyone help?

  85. KickerCutleg says:

    Very smooth.

    Thank god I bought my copy ^_^

  86. silva555 says:

    can you please just fix this?

  87. Seamus the Pigeon says:

    Dear Mr. Garry Newman,
    I bought my Gmod off of Steam itself, yet my Garry’s Mod dosen’t work. Why is this?

  88. Dekster says:

    ja Steam gekauft und jetzt abgezockt oder was das ist eigentlich eine frechheit kaufe 3 x Gmod bei Steam und jetzt sagt man einfach oh Fieleicht hkaufen sie nochma oder was ja zorn hat man schon gansbesonders wen man server laufen hat und dafür auch bezalt hat und da das dan langsam in die hunderte geht ist ja nich wiechtig und insgesamt get das in die hundert taussende .

  89. deathking61 says:

    wow fucking garry numin i bought the legit copy of gmod like when it first came out when it was (gmod10 now gmod 11 due to update) and yet my gmod crashes all the time and i demand that he fucking fix it cause its fucking retarded i mean y the hell would he make this the fuck up ppl like me with a legit copy!

  90. Dragony says:

    hey… my copy of Gmod in steam is legitimaly and not pirated… and i not playing anymore this game because a shit error now ¬¬ *claps to creator of this shit* fix this… iam have a original copy and have error too.. c´mon i pay for this game, FIX NOW ¬¬

    • Pilotp94 says:

      Im guessing you mean taht your game crashes to desktop with the error “hl2.exe has stopped working” instead of unable to shade polygon thingies. This is NOT an anti-piracy attempt, but a legit bug in the game that has now been fixed.

  91. GenoClysm says:

    I Say this was the right choice. and i’m a pirating freak.
    although this update made me spend 30$ on other games so i can use their content ingame.
    But i bought garrys mod,

  92. […] looks at indie games for a moment. One has just been updated with one of the more amusing ways of identifying pirates that we’ve seen in a long time. Some more are available as part of the latest Humble Bundle […]

  93. Filthma says:

    HA! Genius!

  94. anon says:

    This makes me pirate harder now; you mad?

  95. Sharpie.Eastern says:

    This is just fucking stupid. I have actually bought GMOD but i haven’t bought counter strike and i use it’s content for GMOD but after garry has done this fucking patch i can not play on some of my favorite servers. IM PISSED!

  96. Trashcanman says:

    Here’s the problem – Garry isn’t a indie developer. He made a mod that is selling over steam.

    Last I checked – mods require other games in order to play. Same goes for Garry’s Mod (10) – You need to own a game with access to Source SDK. And, here’s another shocker – Garry’s Mod has the word “Mod” in the title.

    Another thing, last I checked – stand-alone games don’t require other games to run.

    And be a jew like me – DL garry’s mod 9, and say screw paying $10.

  97. kramberry says:

    what the fuck, i bought this on my birthday and it wont even start up now, i dont know if thats the error but either way im fucking pist.. i ended up punching a hole in my wall…

  98. […] Garry’s Mod cat­ches pira­tes the fun way « GamePron- PIRATKOPIERING En indi­e­ut­veck­lare hands­kas med pirat­ko­pi­e­rare på ett, imho, bril­jant sätt. […]

  99. […] appearance of Source engine based games, has come up with such an elegant form of DRM. Yesterday he tweeted whether any people were “unable to shade polygon normals,” an issue that seemed to be quite […]

  100. arandomcat says:

    Why are people saying that Garry broke the game and that they wont ever buy any more of his games because of it? Garry didn’t break anything, it just happens to not work on pirated versions. If it is a DRM, it’s actually a successful one that doesn’t hinder the legit player at all but only the non buyer and thus totally earns my respect. It’s the bad DRM that force you into jumping through 100’s of hoops to play a game that you payed for that i don’t agree with.

    DRM is necessary simply because you don’t want your game to easily be shared by just coping a cd and being able to be given to friends, but even a small weak DRM can take care of that. They are doomed to fail so to make it a little hard for the average person to pirate just makes it more convenient to buy were as the pirate will crack the game anyway no matter what DRM is on it.

    This DRM is non existent to the player only the pirate and that’s how all of them should be.

  101. […] What they didn’t know was that Garry’s Mod was displaying this message because the user didn’t pay for the game, and that error code the users all posted trying to solve the issue? Ya it included their Steam ID, so all the pirates were swiftly banned from playing the game, and that wraps up this pleasant bedtime story. [Source] […]

  102. […] game designers are even including bugs as a mechanism to identify and thwart software pirates? A recent article describes how one developer intentionally included a bug that would cause pirated versions of his […]

  103. Dude fucktards, im from uruguay and cant buy it, i dont have a fucking credit card because im not over 18, my parents wont give me a credit card because they are scared of buying in the internet (STFU if you tell me that steam is the most legit blabla) and i cant pay in any other fucking way thought i tried.

    So i pirated it, problem?

    i have a 1500 dollars pc and i still pirate it, because of the damn paying ways.

  104. […] Gamepron reports an error was deliberately introduced to Garry’s Mod, causing pirate users only to receive a mysterious error message. […]

  105. […] Newman, the one-man-band behind Garry’s Mod. A favourite around the GamePron offices for his creative approach to pirates, we’re now happy to report that the innovative sandbox title has surpassed one […]

  106. bt123456789 says:

    my opinion on pirating, as others have pointed out, is illegal, and should not be done if it can be helped, but there are some people who cannot buy stuff online for various reasons, some don’t have credit cards, some can’t get prepaid debit cards or the like for various reasons. However, there are some games, especially on Steam, that you may not be sure you want to shell out $10, $15, etc. for. LIke myself, I’ll admit I’ve pirated stuff, but most of the time it was either too hard to find, or was too expensive. And I have also pirated copies of games to try them first when a demo wasn’t offered. But after pirating, I’ve found some, that I will buy in time to support the Indie game developers. So you guys, Pirating is wrong in some cases, but in others it could be a good alternative for a trial, especially with Steam if you buy a game and don’t like it, you’re stuck with it.

    Now, since I know it will be coming, let the bashing begin…….

  107. Adam says:

    Newman shouldn’t even be charging for Garry’s Mod in the first place. The “ragdolls” that used in the game are copyrighted characters belonging to various corporations. If he’s charging money to use software that implements the use of these copyrighted characters, he can be taken to court over it. I’m sure he doesn’t have the money to buy licenses for Mario, Sonic, and Godzilla.

  108. […] for a proper entry today, but that’s okay: the thing most worth sharing today is a scheme to get software pirates to turn themselves in. I’m not technically savvy enough to explore the implications, but I’m human enough for […]

  109. Hurricane says:

    and I’m sure all you “Pirating is bad!” people don’t download free music. EVER.
    Truth is,Garry really doesn’t pay jack shit for GMod, therefore he doesn’t lose money. Him making the mod didn’t cost him anything, except for the $60 he paid for HL2. And by now, he has DEFINITELY broke even…

  110. garry is a fag says:

    theres a fix haha,use green luma + undead patch to fix steam.dll isnt worthy of our trust error,some patch i forgot the name of to fix unable to shade,and look up on google “steamisappsubscribed fix” to fix that couldn’t receive audio on line error.

  111. i can justify piracy:
    i want a game but dont have money for it, the end. in reality pirating hurts nobody and cuts what $10.00 out of the millions in profits that are being made? either wayi pirated gmod a loong time ago and played it just fine, then, shortly after i formatted my computer and i legitimately payed for it like ten minutes ago (because i want the game and now have money) and it crashes on start up. clearly this is steams fault.

  112. Connor.V says:

    Listen Ok, some people Pirate the game because its easier and if its not fun or runs slowly then you haven’t wasted any money. But when you buy it, you’re gonna be disappointed to have waisted your money. When people Pirate them, doesn’t make them horrible human beings or poor ass kids. Just people with a bit of common sense. Most people do respect the games developers e.t.c It’s just that games are just something to have a bit of fun on when you’re bored. So why buy a few games just to play one when you can get it for free with no hassle, just download and play. Just saying.

  113. CorporalAssWipe says:

    soo thats why it says no game engine thing…..well i just found a solution for this problem….i think….all u have to do is LOG OUT YOUR STEAM YOU MORONS…..then refresh the file a couple of time…..then done its ok again….i think…thats what i did ^_^ pls dont Ban my steam :( i dont even play online in gmod i just play offline i just….play…you know…

  114. John says:

    What better way to make people afraid to even use the help system. I don’t pirate, but I don’t like being manipulated either. Lost a customer.

  115. […] a few studios have begun to experiment with copy protection, and results have run the gamut from hilariously amusing to, well… mostly that first thing, so far. But are they really cutting down on piracy? That […]

  116. […] a few studios have begun to experiment with copy protection, and results have run the gamut from hilariously amusing to, well… mostly that first thing, so far. But are they really cutting down on piracy? That […]

  117. […] a few studios have begun to experiment with copy protection, and results have run the gamut from hilariously amusing to, well… mostly that first thing, so far. But are they really cutting down on piracy? That […]

  118. […] a few studios have begun to experiment with copy protection, and results have run the gamut from hilariously amusing to, well… mostly that first thing, so far. But are they really cutting down on piracy? That […]

  119. […] a few studios have begun to experiment with copy protection, and results have run the gamut from hilariously amusing to, well… mostly that first thing, so far. But are they really cutting down on piracy? That in […]

  120. William says:

    Garry is a diluted asshole. Fuck him, and fuck paying $10 for his mod (not including the extra $20-$30 for CS:S, HL2, TF2, DoD and any other game you need to use almost any mod). He’s made millions of dollars of Garrysmod, and has become over-inflated and deified just because he made a mod where you can rope a corpse to the ceiling. We, the players, made it what it was, and he was still stuck so far up his own ass that he has to verify that you have bought the game and gone through the inane Steam/Valve process to let you download a file -that he didn’t create, and only has the rights to because we allow him to have those rights- or to help you with a problem with the mod he’s too stupid to make work properly.

    The only good thing Valve ever did was Counter Strike Source. Their other games sucked, and their marketing strategies, and their appeasement of Garry’s dictating was their downfall; they will never create another good game and they know it, so they stick to selling other people’s games.

  121. Nerd42 says:

    DRM hurts legit buyers too

  122. silentknight says:

    I bought garrysmod and multiple other source games :) people should not pirate garrysmod because Garry deserves the money for all the work and updates he’s been doing. If you cant afford it then you cant afford a computer that can run it. if you don’t have a way to buy it (like no credit card) then you should offer to do work for someone who can buy it. If you dont feel like doing that buy a freaking pre-paid credit card!

  123. Nktails says:

    My friend didnt pirate and he has this message, only when he installs mods though. His steamid is Glen Anderson. Help?

  124. AHHDARKinral says:

    ahh when i was little and stupid i pirated this game because i live in a country that you cant buy Garry’s mod. but i didnt get any problems with shady poligons or something else. Now i bought garry’s mod and it’s cool. Garry Go go Go! waiting for big garrys mod 13 update

  125. Domen says:

    don’t you guys have anything more important than arguing if Pirating is justified or not i mean WTF this is going for months now no it’s not cool to pirate games but some do it because games are overpriced(exepct Gmod(which is awsome BTW) … and why not if there’s a cheaper way of getting it’s unfair to the developers i know but hey FUCK IT WORLD IS NOT FAIR …

  126. Anonymous says:

    Garry can’t afford to lose $10.
    *sarcasm* //In case you didn’t know.
    He’s probably rich or just got tons of money so I don’t think he cares.

    Perhaps you should know that ‘money’ has as much real value as a piece of paper, but it is given value because it’s easier to do trade using some slips of paper rather than, for example, trading 50 bars of gold for whatever.

    My opinion: How can you ‘trade’ money for a game? You’re practically giving away your money for a copy of those 0s and 1s on someones server. That data is still there afterwards, you didn’t buy that game, you got access to it. Whereas buying something physically, that item that you bought is now yours. You are all getting ripped off.
    Mind you, I did not pirate this game, and I am a developer myself, just adding my opinion here. Data should be freely available since it is only made once, and then can be copied infinity.
    It would be like someone selling a car, there is only one of that car, but when you buy it you simply get a copy of it which cost nothing to the maker since, really, it could be copied infinitely. Imagine a world like that: (Want this? No problem just copy it.) Now wake up and realize this does not happen and you aren’t buying anything, you are giving money to the person who arranged the 0s and 1s just so you can copy their pattern.
    Sure, you can argue, everybody has a different opinion, but you should realize this, data should be free.

    I know what most will do when they see this post: TL;DR

  127. sdasddasasd says:

    hahahahah kiss my ass SHITMAN, i removed the stupid error by myself awwwwwwwww yea

  128. Lol at this says:

    Lol its funny i have bought 19 games from a store and most of them need Steam i have orange box portal 2 left for dead 1 and 2 and all the cs and i was so lucky to find half life source…
    I couldnt get
    Hl2 deathmatch but got 1 for free with the ati offer but… I cant get gmod…
    Im young without a job and i dont have a fucking credit card to buy games from steam and my parents dnt give a fuck about that
    I could do some small work and pay even 50 dollars if garry would decide to release this game in stores in a fucking box but no now i cant play gmod bc i dont have a credit card to pay only 10$ to buy it online when i could pay 5 times more of this gay price!
    So yeah i enjoy using my pirated fully updated n working gmod now :d
    And hey i dont know anything about this but why in the fuck a source mod aint free? Isnt gmod a fucking mod i saw mods that are 50 times better than this Mod (yeah i call it a mod not a game) be free lmao that Garry is a hobo who asks 10 dollars for a fucking mod
    The only mod that i know that could be on sale is black mesa and i would pay 100$ for that shit bc it deserves every bit of it.
    And yeah i know that its not yet released but even a pic from 2005 alpha version>gmod 12, 13 or even 100 if its gna get released someday lmfao
    Fuck u Garry and all the faggots here with the lame “if u can buy a pc why cnt u buy a 10$ game blah blah”

  129. Lol at this says:

    Oh and check gmods page i see garry releasing a new update every week bc he screwed his mod with his updates
    The community made gmod what it is today with all the addons they released garry just made a mod that any1 could make in some hours and asks money for it rofl

  130. agree mostly says:

    @lol at this
    yeah you have a good point there but if you cant get something why steal it?

  131. Rationality please says:

    I approve of this. I’m starting an indie project and I plan on doing something just as devious. The thing is, to all those thinking it’s right to pirate a game just because you can’t afford it. That may work for things necessary to live (food and water) but when it comes to video games, you don’t need it. Therefore, stealing it is still wrong. You’re not fighting “the man” you’re hurting the people who make the things that entertain you (to varying degrees depending on how big the team is and how much the game has made). The government doesn’t make huge amounts from these exchanges. You don’t need it, so wait until you have the money, then buy it if you really want it.

  132. Ares Anonymous says:

    @MrEricIsaRetard “Hacker Complex” You Have Idoit Written All Over That Sentence. Hackers May Copy Games But When They Copy Does It Affect You In Anyways To The Points You Give a F*ck? Hackers Exploiters And Ruining Other Players Experience But Just Coping Games Alone Isnt Effecting Anyone.

  133. Ares Anonymous says:


  134. King Reggin says:

    Such security is illegal in my country. Since it’s illegal in my country, I’ve asked my government to charge the maker of Garry’s Mod with terrorism against my country.

  135. CTYIF says:

    Clever girl Gary

  136. […] Newman is the creator of Garry's Mod, a sandbox title built on Valve's Source engine. The Academy acknowledges the publisher's support […]

  137. I used to dowload pirate games every time… I had like 50 pirate games in my PC but then I realice that buying the actual game gives you more beneficts, so I fucking buy it and now I have 121 games in my steam account.

    PD: This post is fucking old.

  138. […] hit Steam and started gaining popularity – and courting controversy. Garry himself created a fun way to catch pirates, cheekily revealing users' 64bit Steam ID in an error message that only appeared on illegal copies […]

  139. random name guy says:

    I bought half life pack and was hopping to play gmod9 (I KNOW IT’S FREE) it gave the unknown command showspmenu and I felt that i have to play the game and i’m going to admit to this I indeed did pirate gmod13. What shoot me explain if the person who cracked clearly had to get yhe game from some where down the line the game must have been purchased. To explain what I just said how can you get the game if it was never purchased.
    i purchased my half life pack legit but because Garry didn’t take the time to iron out everything that’s wrong with the thing they put out to the consumers then why do they work on every thing else just because 13 bigger than 9 making it more important.

    If a person pirates in what way do they deserve to die when right now somewhere a jewelry shop was probably just robbed and all you says is rot in jail.You tell people to burn in hell when people do worse LIKE STEALING and you bitch about a game being taken for free without permission. In a way if lending a game to a friend without them paying to the dev or who ever the provider is count as a pirate?? he didn’t pay kill him he doesn’t deserve it right? I mean lets look up at some of these comment lets take this on for example:

    Justin Beak:LOL it’s sweet! Death to hackers! IDK isn’t that Gmod game like 12 dollers?

    Why does he need to die what has he done took nothing out of the economy.
    Unlike if you physically “Took” the product it count as stealing and either way you still took 10 £/$ out of the billions there is

    I’m not saying pirating is good I do it time to time but barley i do have the money to buy something but not always
    and i saw people saying if you can buy a computer then you should be able to afford a £10 game it can or can not be true because when they bought the computer maybe they had the money but maybe they are in a crunch.

    Now that i’m done correcting or clearing things up for others i’m just going to say i’m 13 and what now i’m declared as a stupid ignorant kid well guess what I can bet there’s an 18 year old sitting there being dumb and ignorant so stop making the age 13 signifying stupidity.

    there you go i’m done I hope you stop taking 13 as the word stupid and stop giving pirates a hard time.

  140. POGUEMAHONE says:

    gary stole /ripped the original makers to get his mod.

  141. anonymous says:

    (1.) When I start my Garry’s mod, it freezes and (2.) After some time it crashes.. what the fuck is wrong! I don’t know can some one please help me out (3.) I paid $24.99 for this mother fucking game! and I really need help!

  142. […] is known for implementing pretty clever systems to catch ne’er-do-wells; he once introduced en error to Garry’s Mod that only affected pirated versions of the game, encouraging affected users to contact him for support. Ha […]

  143. […] is known for implementing pretty clever systems to catch ne’er-do-wells; he once introduced en error to Garry’s Mod that only affected pirated versions of the game, encouraging affected users to contact him for support. Ha […]

  144. […] Mod developer Garry Newman took a similar approach back in 2011, where the bug "unable to shade polygon normals" started appearing on pirated versions of his […]

  145. […] the years, we've seen an assortment of creative ways to catch or deter pirates: Garry's Mod was unable to shade polygon normals unless you'd paid for your copy. An Aussie developer gave free copies of Lunar Flight to pirates, […]

  146. […] …the other title that makes me giggle? Take a look there at #10. Some things never change. […]

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