Baby girl starves while mum and dad play games

More sad news involving gamers this week. A young Taiwanese couple were apparently so obsessed with playing online games that they ignored their baby daughter, to the point where the baby girl starved to death.

The child was emaciated, half the size of an average girl her age, and police reported she was "just skin and bone with sunken eyes". The computer monitor next to her crib was still displaying a gaming website when they arrived.

The cause of the girl's death is still officially unknown, and prosecutors will look into the case to determine whether her parents are responsible. If convicted, they each face up to two years in prison for manslaughter.

RPG - Sangoku Role Playing Game

According to reports, this may have been the game the parents were playing

This is the second death in Asia related to online gaming in recent weeks - earlier, a 30-year old Chinese man collapsed after an online gaming binge where he "hardly ate" and did not sleep for three days.

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9 Responses to “Baby girl starves while mum and dad play games”

  1. J says:

    Heh big suprise that is.. asians just have no concept, they seem to think real life is in the virtual world they should be hanged for that.

    • A says:

      why the hell are you blaming asians?do you think that all of us are like this?fuck you man

    • ManAnimalX says:

      What a Moron this guy is, your are just another ignorant jerk off.

      • J says:

        Lol looks like i hit a nerve, simply because they are like that, they live their lives playing games and ignore all else, deny it all you like. Just google up how many people die playing games 90% of the time it’s asians this time a baby dies that’s even worse..

    • h says:

      It’s not just asians. I left my husband because he physically beat our 23 month old baby for making a loud noise which startled him and caused him to die on world of warcraft. His addiction was so bad that he never helped take care of our child and was physically emotionally and mentally dettached from real life. I’m not in anyway saying that all gamers are like this because of my own experiences but gaming addiction has been classified as being just as bad as taking drugs. Not all gamers are like this either a majority of gamers that have children no when to stop and when enough is enough then you have others who just depend on it so much that they can not detach themselves from the game.

  2. Mythor says:

    Erg, the stories like this where it’s children suffering due to their parent’s inattention are the worst, in my opinion. At least if it’s someone dying themselves due to too long a stint doing whatever you can kind of shrug it off and think they did bring it on themselves.

    But kids? It’s just sad. :-/

  3. nv says:

    are they even sure that the parents starved her? the article sounds kiinda incomplete

    they said they found her next to computer showing the game, but before that they said she was born with a defect and wasn’t an average healthy girl.
    ..if the parents confessed then okay..

    but its just the same as if the computer was showing an episode of the simpsons…
    baby girl starves while mum and dad watch simpsons.

  4. John says:

    Less ironic than those Asian couples who starved their baby to raise a virtual baby online.

  5. […] fall back on the tried and true tropes that videogames make the youth unstable killing machines or cause you to starve your baby to death. This doesn't strike me as the best forum to handle our industries systemic problems and most […]

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