Dance Central Naked: Do not try this at home

The latest gaming blockbuster from Harmonix, the Kinect-enabled Dance Central hit shelves this week and already it's taking the world by storm.

Dance Central

No need for fancy dress, but...

You might like to be a bit careful when you're playing though, as one gamer found out the hard way. No, it wasn't a case of violent arm-swinging resulting in mum's vase being knocked off the table. It wasn't even a nasty twisted ankle from trying to moonwalk the wrong way.

It was a quick lesson in why you shouldn't Kinect naked.

Dance Central Forum Post


I was trying out the Kinect Dance Central game and I was getting hot so I took off my clothee. I had no idea that the game was going to take A BUNCH OF PICTURES OF ME WHILE DANCING WITH NO CLOTHES ON!!! I can go back and look at these pictures but HOW DO I DELETE THEM?!!! HELP!!!!

Simply put, Dance Central, as well as various other Kinect titles, will take your picture while you're busy playing - a way of recording the moment, and the silly poses you're forced to strike. If you're not aware of this, and have a penchant for playing in your birthday suit, anyone browsing through the collection of photos on your Xbox 360 is in for a bit of a surprise.

Fortunately in this case, the forums are full of helpful information on how to solve the potentially embarrassing story, but - for the less tech-savvy among us - the take-away message might be that keeping your pants on is a good idea.

This story was featured in Episode 9 of GamePron News:

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16 Responses to “Dance Central Naked: Do not try this at home”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by elroy and Kingsley Foreman, GamePron. GamePron said: GamePron: Dance Central Naked: Do not try this at home […]

  2. John B. says:

    Should be an option to disable it; whether or not I want to game in the buff is my choice in my own d**n house. Pants can go to hell within those walls.

  3. Punkley says:

    My pc has seen me do some really disturbing stuff over the last 30 or so years… If it had a camera there would be some photo’s that would offend a whole lot of people.

    wonders off to buy a camera

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  6. […] to oversharing via naked gaming and Kinect’s ability to take pictures during the game. GamePron reported on a gamer who had rude awakening while playing Kinect-enabled Dance […]

  7. […] to oversharing via naked gaming and Kinect’s ability to take pictures during the game. GamePron reported on a gamer who had rude awakening while playing Kinect-enabled Dance Central. Related content: […]

  8. […] O melhor de tudo é que, mesmo que você não esteja filmando sua jogatina no momento do acidente, as câmeras do Kinect se encarregam de registrar a sua dor e humilhação. Então, por favor, não joguem Dance Central pelados. […]

  9. BraveNoob says:

    if I played Kinect naked will it detect a third arm?

    • SweetPeaches187 says:


  10. […] off happy families playing and laughing. There are the home-made ones, with Joe Average (hopefully with clothes on) messing around, or even experimenting with night-vision […]

  11. […] automatic Facebook feed that will allow you to post your progress (and pictures of yourself – be careful!) online. There’s also three available configurations which the game will detect – Move […]

  12. […] …the clever sods at Steam are currently working on an interface that will let you manage your local collection of screenshots, so you can choose which ones you want to upload, and which ones you want to delete. […]

  13. […] dangers of the Kinect are already becoming apparent. Recently a lady playing on Dance Central started to get hot and […]

  14. Andrew Lloyd says:

    I agree with John B. There’s nothing wrong with that. If I had my own place, I’d play Kinect naked all the time.

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