Jaffe wants a ‘surrender’ button in Medal of Honor

David Jaffe

David Jaffe

Those who thought the controversy surrounding Medal of Honor would dissipate following the developers' decision to rename the "Taliban" enemy forces to the "Opposing Force" were wrong. It seems the inclusion of a side fighting against American forces is still something that will divide the gaming community - even those who have seemed more than happy to mow down innocent civilians in their own games in the past.

David Jaffe, director of violent games like God of War and the Twisted Metal series, picked up a copy of EA's newest war-simulator about eight hours ago, and is now voicing his opinions via Twitter.

David Jaffe Twitter


Interesting. Just tried MOH MP and they spawned me as Talban and I simply could not play. I would not shoot. Wanted a surrender button.

I shit you not. The power of interactive. Granted, 99% of the power stems from real world events that I bring to the game, but it's a start.

Totally serious. Why would I want to play as the Taliban killing American soldiers? I just didn't want to do it. Am I a pussy?!?! :)

...I'm not trying to blow smoke up the game's ass- like I said, 99% of the power is coming from real world knowledge I bring into the game so I'm not here all like 'interactivity is so fucking emotional!' Just stating my reaction.

When asked about the inevitable comparison to the "No Russian" mission in Modern Warfare 2, Jaffe replied that he was "not sure" why this new game affected him more. He went on to explain that he was impressed "No Russian", but that he "didn't care" about mowing the peeps down - in fact he "wanted to see what kind of death animations they had".

I'd imagine that Jaffe is not alone in this "gut reaction" to the game (which, by the way, it seems he's a fan of - despite this hiccup). In his eyes, it's not a matter of censorship: "I'd support a game where u play as Hitler." - but there's an element of personal belief that comes into it too. Reading between the lines a little, it seems there is also - potentially - an aspect of "too soon".

I think the game should 100% exist and they SHOULD be Taliban BUT I also think that because there is an ongoing conflict RIGHT NOW and innocents on both side are dying as well as soldiers, it's something I do not want to role play with other live people. It just felt strange to me.

I assure you, I don't over think this sort of stuff. I tend 2 think gaming's claims of the power of interactivity is- in general- hyperbolic bullshit. That's why I posted- this was a unique experience 5 me. (sic)

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13 Responses to “Jaffe wants a ‘surrender’ button in Medal of Honor”

  1. Jaffe. U crazy.

    True. Few games feature surrender. Yay.

    (abbreviated from lengthier comment now lost to the cache and webs)

  2. joostin says:

    Well I agree with some of what he states, but sounds like a double standard. I hate to break it to Jaffe, but there are still survivors alive today from the most horrendous war in human history (WW2). My grandmother for one, who was a prisoner of war, would definitely think all WW2 sims are disgusting and too soon. Why get pleasure reenacting tragic events in human history? Not to step on anyone’s toes here, but WW2 was a legitimate war against a legitimate evil. Today’s wars are in a grey area. Why are we in it? Did the terrorists attack first…no, but it was publicized. Thank good ol’ George W. Senior for that.

  3. Mahou says:

    This is ridiculous. David Jaffe was very civil in his responses, but I just don’t get this whole thing. How is this any different than the OpFor in MW2 killing the Marines? How is this different than the MEC in Battlefield 2 killing US soldiers? This whole thing is ridiculous.

  4. Punkley says:

    I’ve often wondered being Australian and all, if that the middle east, Japan or Germany feel the same way about games they have to play Americans in.

  5. Batesy says:

    I can see the point this guy is making, but if you’ve got a ‘surrender’ button for the talban, surely you’ve got to include it for the US side too.

  6. ChopperDan says:

    As an american soldier that is currently on his 3rd tour in Iraq, I can honestly say people are getting to touchy feely. We are so afraid of upsetting someone now a days it’s ridiculous. It’s a VIDEO GAME. What fiction doesn’t have some truth built in? I would love to also thank AAFES for not selling the game. They single handedly took away one of the rights I signed up to help defend. Thanks.

  7. Leslie says:

    As a zombie-American, I have to deal with prejudice all of the time. “Hey lady, don’t drip that here!” “Move faster!” “Stop biting my grandma’s head!” Day in, day out. But now, with all of these anti-undead video games out there, it’s just so hard. And then to see all of the children with their delicious brains dressing up in “dead-face” at Halloween, it’s just disgusting. I for one, want an America where all of us are free to eat whomever we want without worrying about a shotgun blast to the head.

    Thank you for your brains..er…time.

    PS.- Yum, yum. Send more brains. Yum brains.

  8. JackHaas says:

    I would like a surrender button as well. I’m a French gamer and having the option to surrrender would make the game much more realistic to me and the rest of the French gaming community.

  9. udoh says:

    It’s simple. Don’t play it. No one is forcing you, let other adults make their own choices.

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  12. Viri1 says:

    ok, could be a bit strong fighting as Taliban for some ppl, but for god’s sake, ITS A GAME!!!! it aint real! you can choose not to play if you dont feel comfortable! simple as that!

  13. Rabbit pwns Soap says:

    I’m a proud American and I stand by all the men and women of the US armed forces 110%. But I’ve played MoH MP on both the Coalition side and the Taliban side (I refuse to refer to them as “Op For”, the Op For is Call of Duty’s fictional Middle Eastern terrorist group) and I don’t get why Jaffe (or anyone else, for that matter) is so squeamish about it. I know I’m not because, first and foremost, they aren’t *actually* American soldiers, they’re pixilated models/skeletons/sprites/whatever skinned to *look like* American soldiers.

    If a person enjoys killing defenseless civilians in MW2’s “No Russian” level, would support a game where you “play as Hitler”, and apparently has no issue about mowing down US Marines and US Army Rangers as “Op For” in CoD, I can’t really take him seriously and can only LMAO when he says he’s squeamish about doing the same basic thing in MoH.

    David, you’re coming off as kind of a little bitch…

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