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We scour the net for the Daily Stash, our daily roundup of game bits and pieces. Click through for more about:

Looking good: Screenshots and new media
Create screenshots accompany a new announcement from EA.
Lego Universe trailer is appealing.
New 'Tales Of' screenshots illustrate an unnamed game.

A casual affair: For the less hardcore.
One Step Back (which includes a Madness video!)

Interesting... Assorted bits and pieces
Big Download's News Bits & Bytes - August 2.
The 20 most-played Wii games for July.
Game Mag Weaseling is the act of getting rich off old magazines.
One of Swords writes about burning out while working for GamePro.

Independently Released: Often better than AAA
Tricky Truck (it's Freeware!)
Dustforce demo and trailer released, get sweepin!
Hoard is heading to PSN, but also PC and Mac!

In Development: Games in progress
NBA Jam PS3 / X360 is happening!'ll be included with NBA Elite 11.
DiRT 3 details spilled by Codemasters, I was just thinking about this earlier.
Dead Rising 2's Fortune City gets a map!
Transformers MMO announced - rolling out in 2011.
ModNation Racers patched to 1.02 this week, bringing a bunch of tweaks.
Castlevania: LoS is a day long, and will arrive on two discs for 360.
New Okamiden details and some videos!
Bungie explain that Halo: Reach is done - and they can't wait to play with you in September.
Ghost of Sparta dated, bundled, pre-order goods detailed and a partridge in a pear tree.
Fable III lets you make your own NPC villager and if you pre-order the game, they'll appear in it!

Comedic Value: Laughter is the best medicine, etc
Kinect Four... no, really. Think about it. Thanks, Mega64!
Street Fighter High: the Musical - an interview!

MMO to love: Massively Multiplayer Online details
Turbine lifts the Lord of the Rings Online beta NDA, and the crowd goes wild!
Heroes of Newerth will be free to play! ...for next week, anyway.

Developmentally Challenged: The dev perspective
Irrational Games promise their next game's first CG trailer ...for August 12.
Kid Icarus: Uprising could get online multiplayer, according to Masahiro Sakurai.
Designing combat encounters in Uncharted 2, from the fellows at Naughty Dog.
Guerrilla Games are working on a brand new game, rather than more Killzone.
New Bayonetta information due this week, with director Yusuke Hashimoto mumbling something on Twitter.
THQ want not one, but two WWE titles each year.
Blizzard are considering StarCraft II requests for map and challenge updates, and we've just seen they're responsive to feedback.

Buy me this: For the gamer who has everything
Sid Meier's Civilization: The Board Game (no, really).
Bubble Bobble pillow cases (please!).

Fable III on PC, but we don't know for how long.

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