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The Sims Medieval Patch 2.0.113 (Digital DL)

Date 4/8/2011
Size 260.33 MB
Last Access 2 days ago
Downloads 1077
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Description This patch will update digital distribution copies of The Sims Medieval to version 2.0.113 and offers new features, a new object, and a bug fix.
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This game update includes and fixes the following:

- New Feature: Move Out Children Send children on adventures to make room for more children in your household.
- New Feature: Un-Furnished Buildings Can choose between furnished and un-furnished lots when placing a Hero Sim's building in your kingdom.
- New Feature: Create-A-Sim Makeup.
- New Feature: Children's clothing can be changed in CAS.
- New Object: Chess Table.
- Bug Fix: CAS Performance It takes several minutes to load the thumbnails from the "View Sims" folder in CAS.
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The Sims Medieval

  • Platform: Mac, PC
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Developer: The Sims Studio
  • Genre: Simulation

  • The Sims Medieval offers players a chance to build up a medieval kingdom, controlling characters from all walks of life, from Kings and Queens, to Knights and Wizards, Blacksmiths and Bards. It provides a host of storytelling possibilities in the form of quests, from crafting a legendary sword to arranging a royal wedding, to protecting the kingdom from an evil sorcerer, to finding the fountain of youth. Every quest plays out differently depending on which Hero Sim the player is controlling.

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