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Mount&Blade: Warband Demo v1.143

Date 14/7/2011
Filename mb_warband_setup_1143.exe
Size 585.42 MB
Last Access 14 hours ago
Downloads 4523
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Description Here's the unlockable free trial of Mount & Blade: Warband, Taleworlds' medieval combat/kingdom-building sandbox game.

Mount and Blade Warband is a unique blend of intense strategic fighting, real time army command, and deep kingdom management.
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"We are offering Mount&Blade through a try before you buy model. You can download the game and start playing right away. The downloaded file is a trial version that lets you play the game up until you reach level 7. You can then purchase a license online to upgrade your game to full mode and continue playing with your character. As soon as you buy a license you will obtain a serial key which will remove the level limit and let you play on the multi-player servers. You will not need to download the game again."

Minimum System Requirements

* Operating system: Windows 2000/ME/XP/Vista/Windows 7
* CPU: 2.1Ghz or higher
* RAM: 1 GB
* Hard Disk Space: 900 MB
* Video: Graphics card (128 MB+)
* Sound Card: Direct X-compatible sound card
* DirectX: Directx 9c
* Controller Support: 3-button mouse, keyboard and speakers
* Browser: Internet Connection required for multiplayer and Online Activation

You can buy Mount&Blade Warband directly from TaleWorlds Store.

M&B Warband version 1.143
Jul 14

Changelog 1.143


Some rebalances to the trade/production systems.

Mod system Fixes:

Shield replacement w/out respawning visual error has been fixed.
Scene objects damage editing has been fixed.

Bug Fixes:

Crash to desktop when entering a new scene bug has been fixed.
Fixed random problems with merchants' inventories not showing up sometimes.
Lady of the Lake achievement bugs have been fixed.
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Mount&Blade: Warband

  • Platform: PC
  • Publisher: Paradox Interactive
  • Developer: Taleworlds
  • Genre: Role-playing

  • • Multiplayer " previously announced, the ability for up to 32 players to play simultaneously on a single map in Team Death-Match style battles
    • Faction Rulers " A new in-depth system allowing the player to gain followers even as a rebel and to become the ruler of their own faction and recruit Lords as their vassalals
    • Accessibility " Improved and additional detailed game information for players.
    • Improved Graphics and optimisation " The introduction of state-of-the-art rendering technologies including HDR (High Dynamic Range), as well as significant improvement in the level of detail on characters, armour and weapons
    • Increased interactivity - New interactivity implemented in the environments that the AI will recognize and adapt to, directly impacting the Siege mode

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