Mount&Blade: Warband Patch 1.1xx to 1.143

Date 14/7/2011
Filename mb_warband_upgrade_1100_to_1143.exe
Size 94.27 MB
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Description If you have Mount&Blade: Warband version 1.1 or above, you can upgrade your game to version 1.143 using this patch.
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M&B Warband version 1.143
Jul 14

Changelog 1.143


Some rebalances to the trade/production systems.

Mod system Fixes:

Shield replacement w/out respawning visual error has been fixed.
Scene objects damage editing has been fixed.

Bug Fixes:

Crash to desktop when entering a new scene bug has been fixed.
Fixed random problems with merchants' inventories not showing up sometimes.
Lady of the Lake achievement bugs have been fixed.

Mount&Blade: Warband Changelog 1.134


- Rhodok Sharpshooters' ironflesh skill has been decreased.
- Sarranid infantry & archers now have jarids added to their inventory.
- Some other minor game balances.


- Numerous game bugs of all shapes and sizes have been squashed.
- Minor fixes to scripting files.
- Some collision issues fixed.
- Some operations for modders are now "fully operational".


- Plenty of new operations and features have been added to aid our amazing mod community.

v1.132 Changes:
Some multi-player map fixes.
Some armor stats have been rebalanced.


Quests fixes:
Aborting quest bugs have been fixed.
Ordering your lords to stop script error bug has been fixed.
Pretender quest has been fixed under the condition of already having a village/center before starting the quest.
Caravan escort quest script error has been fixed.
Deal with looters quest script error has been fixed.

Other fixes:
ATI driver fix.
Achievements "last man standing" and "morale leader" have been fixed.
Non-ending battle/siege bugs have been fixed.
Desertion of prisoners when party morale is low bug has been fixed.
Hold fire/use blunt weapons orders have been corrected, player agent no longer changes his/her weapon because of the order.
Formations not looking at the enemy bug has been fixed.
Automatic offline favorite server removal is added.
TCP protocol optimizations are made for dedicated servers.
Various other bug fixes.

Free DLC Pack with Patch 1.130
Aug 26

The changelog is:

Features and Gameplay:
3 Amazingly awesome multiplayer maps:

* NEW! Forest Hideout: Perfect for team play modes like TDM, CTF, and Conquest.
* NEW! The Arena: The go to place for battle, deathmatch, and duel modes.
* NEW! Jammeyyed Castle: A unique siege in the desert.

Other content additions:

* New music and sounds have been added to single and multi-player modes.


* Mahdaar Castle map has been slightly redesigned for better play.
* Warhorse & Charger stats have been balanced.
* Camp Followers and Sword Sisters now get Power strike skill.
* Swadian and Rhodok troops have been rebalance.


* Village infestation quest is fixed.
* Bandit lair navigation meshes have been updated.
* Custom troop group behavior fix for defending castles.
* Some graphical fixes concerning specularity.
* Fixed banner display problems on heraldic armors.
* Non-English language fixes/additions.
* Various other bug fixes
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Mount&Blade: Warband

  • Platform: PC
  • Publisher: Paradox Interactive
  • Developer: Taleworlds
  • Genre: Role-playing

  • • Multiplayer " previously announced, the ability for up to 32 players to play simultaneously on a single map in Team Death-Match style battles
    • Faction Rulers " A new in-depth system allowing the player to gain followers even as a rebel and to become the ruler of their own faction and recruit Lords as their vassalals
    • Accessibility " Improved and additional detailed game information for players.
    • Improved Graphics and optimisation " The introduction of state-of-the-art rendering technologies including HDR (High Dynamic Range), as well as significant improvement in the level of detail on characters, armour and weapons
    • Increased interactivity - New interactivity implemented in the environments that the AI will recognize and adapt to, directly impacting the Siege mode

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