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Urban Freestyle Soccer v1.0 +6 Trainer

Date 11/7/2011
Filename Urban-Freestyle-Soccer-6-Trainer.exe
Size 2.23 MB
Last Access 2 days ago
Downloads 4027
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Urban Freestyle Soccer

  • Platform: PC, Playstation 2, Xbox
  • Publisher: Acclaim Entertainment
  • Developer: Silicon Dreams
  • Genre: Sports

  • Developed by Silicon Dreams, Acclaim's Freestyle Street Soccer takes the NBA Street approach to the world's most popular sport, featuring 4-on-4 soccer tournaments without meddling referees or complex rulebooks. Players pick from 40 players -- or rather, thugs from 10 different street gangs -- and compete in eight different game modes, including a smattering of mini-games. Though the game doesn't feature licensed players, it sports a dynamic combo system, edgy character designs, and F20 and Fevernova licensing.

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