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Darkest Hour v1.01 Patch

Date 6/5/2011
Filename DarkestHour_1.01_Patch.exe
Size 99.92 MB
Last Access 60 days ago
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Description 1. Tweaked Nuke AI targeting:
- nukestriketolerance now is used as the starting value in Nuke evaluation the higher it is, the more often the AI will use nukes. It is recommended to set this a bit under 0.0 to order the AI to nuke bigger enemy Core provinces. Good values in most cases are about -50 to -20
- nukestrikedesirability is used as a multiplier on the final value if it is > 0.0. A good value seems to be about 50.0. If set to 0.0 or less the AI will not use nukes at all.
2. Damage to infrastructure taken by nukes uses 0.1 steps to allow rebuilding back to 100% infra.
3. Fixed Remaining infra after nuking cannot be less than 1 step (0.1 or 10%) to avoid AI problems.
4. Allowed IC in provinces to be reduced to 0 from nukes (was limited to 0.1 IC before)
5. Fixed a problem with saving of damaged IC - sometimes it could be wrongly restored upon reload
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Darkest Hour

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