Queen Mary's Script

Date 31/10/2013
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Description Queen Mary's Script [Free Game]
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Queen Mary's Script

  • Platform: PC
  • Publisher:
  • Developer:
  • Genre: Adventure, RPG

  • Queen Mary's Script is a tale of a young girl who lacks in nothing except true smiles. Her name is Mary, and in a rather cliche turn of events, she meets a doll named Clause who promises to save her.

    That is, if she's willing to trade her skin for resin.

    The two travel from haven to haven, facing both not so nice dolls and not so nice memories of their pasts. In the end, is it the selfishness of humans or dolls that hurts them the most?

    The game is an adventure game with puzzles peppered in. It takes advantage of the amazing fighting script Falcao Pearl ABS. Fight as Mary, or even use her doll companions Clause and Edmund in an action based battle system!

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