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Metin 2 - Client Downloader v2013.04.08 (Global)

Date 11/4/2013
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Description Metin2's service has now ceased at
To transfer your character please goto the following links and follow the instructions as GameForge's website:
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With a completely revamped battle system, the combat style defines an art of it's own. The action is fast and furious as your character swings their weapons and cleaves into all enemies within the weapon's reach. This allows you to fight many creatures at once while. Also, any enemy that comes within the range of your attack will be affected by the blows you deliver. There are four classes of characters, eight major skills, and thousands of weapons and armor to be used. Each character has unique combat styles that include slicing, crushing, powerful knockback attacks and finishing moves. Metin2 has captured the speed and fiercness of real world fighting in an epic fantasy.

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CPU: 600 MHz or higher CPU
Memory: 256M or more
Video Card: "ATI Radeon 7000 or above -OR- nVidia RIVA TNT2 or above"
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  • Platform: PC
  • Publisher: G4Box
  • Developer: G4Box
  • Genre: Massively Multiplayer Online, Role-playing

  • A long time ago, there was only a single empire that existed in the continent. There was no concept of war or illness and people lived happily together.

    However, their fate began to change as a huge stone descended from the sky. This stone was known as the Metin stone. It had the power to transform animals into monsters and spread deadly disease around the world. Thus, innocent people started to suffer while those who were killed by monsters or died from the disease returned as undead. As a result, the undead wandered around and refused to leave causing chaos and destruction. Eventually, the single empire collapsed and became three different kingdoms. Each kingdom fought against each other for survival. To this very day, they still treat each other as enemies.

    The falling of the Metin Stone was just a beginning and smaller stones continued to fall from time to time. Everyone lived in fear and no one dared to approach the Metin Stones. This was true, because the most terrifying creatures resided there. Recently, it was discovered that the power of the Metin Stone was increasing and people felt that it was consuming energy. Consequently, these incidents forced the Dragon God to appear on the continent and people were hoping for peace to be restored again.

    Become an ally of the Dragon God, use your power to defeat the Metin Stone and reunite the three kingdoms.

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