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Fallen Enchantress v1.0 +3 Trainer

Date 27/10/2012
Filename FallenEnchantress-3.EXE
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Description Fallen Enchantress v1.0 +3 Trainer
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Elemental: War of Magic - Fallen Enchantress

  • Platform: PC
  • Publisher: Stardock Entertainment
  • Developer: Stardock Entertainment
  • Genre: Turn, Strategy

  • Fallen Enchantress is set in the fantasy world of Elemental, a realm filled with magic and ancient lore. You are one of the few beings capable of channeling magic from the various shards of power that are scattered across the world. As such, the people look to you for leadership to spread your civilization across the land.

    As the ruler of your kingdom, you must expand your empire through a combination of magical power, military might, diplomatic skill, technological advancement and bold adventuring. Your worlds will be of your choosing, or players are free to create their own. Through the course of the game, you will research new technologies, learn new magical spells, raise armies, negotiate treaties, fight wars and go on quests as your people struggle for domination of the world.

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