Deadlight v1.0 +1 Trainer

Date 27/10/2012
Filename Deadlight-1.EXE
Size 3.27 MB
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Description Deadlight v1.0 +1 Trainer
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  • Platform: Playstation 2, Xbox
  • Publisher: TBA
  • Developer: Blue 52
  • Genre: Shooter

  • First-person shooter, set on the oceanliner SS Hyperion, a luxury ship from the 'Belle Epoque' of ocean cruising that was mysteriously lost above the arctic circle, during her maiden voyage, some twenty years ago. Since then the ill-fated vessel has passed into maritime legend. Speculation as to the cause and precise whereabouts of her demise was rife. No trace was ever found... until now! Dan McCormick, a worker being shipped to an offshore oilrig, fights for his life in the rolling blackness of the ocean. Washed overboard as his vessel is sunk on a storm-racked night, he had all but given up hope when a dark, looming shape emerges from the mist. Climbing onboard the sinister hulk, McCormick finds the great liner deserted. Why were there not survivors amongst the crew and passenger compliment? What hidden menace lies onboard, brooding in the perpetual darkness of the North Sea?This project was cancelled when the development team closed down in March of 2005.

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