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Torchlight II full client / demo

Date 21/9/2012
Filename Torchlight2_FullInstall.exe
Size 1.32 GB
Last Access 108 days ago
Downloads 191
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Description Torchlight II full client / demo
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Torchlight II

  • Platform: Mac, PC
  • Publisher:
  • Developer: Runic Games
  • Genre: Fantasy, Role-playing

  • Torchlight II answers the overwhelming call of our community with an expansive co-op multiplayer experience. With all new character classes, an expansive overworld, new quests, monsters, and lots of new dungeons, Torchlight II finally lets you play with your friends in the world of Torchlight. Consistent with our pledge to provide unmatched value, Torchlight II will be sold at a low price point, and include a free matchmaking service for peer-to-peer multiplayer experience. Expect Torchlight II to ship in the spring of 2011.

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