Galaxy on Fire 2 HD v1.0.1 +8 Trainer

Date 25/8/2012
Size 3.53 MB
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Description Galaxy on Fire 2 HD v1.0.1 +8 Trainer
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Galaxy on Fire 2

  • Platform: iPhone/iPod
  • Publisher: Fishlabs
  • Developer: Fishlabs
  • Genre: Action

  • In this outer space episode, the mercenary Keith Maxwell, the hero of the first game, is catapulted through time and space by a malfunction in his spaceship's hyperdrive. He wakes up 35 years later and finds himself in a changed galaxy, where the balance of power is gravely threatened: an unknown race has invaded the known space of the galaxy using wormhole technology and threatens the existing balance of power. It's up to Keith -- and you -- to stop this threat.

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