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Death Rally v1.0.20.23 +5 Trainer

Date 19/8/2012
Filename Death.Rally.v1.0.20.23.Plus.5.Trainer.zip
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Description Death Rally v1.0.20.23 +5 Trainer
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Death Rally

  • Platform: PC
  • Publisher: Apogee
  • Developer: Remedy
  • Genre: Racing

  • Visually awesome and with great playability, Death rally takes the top-down view racing game genre to a level never experienced before.

    You start out from the bottom of the ranking list, Your objective: earn money in the blitzkrieg-battle races, and fight hard for each precious championship point. Each race can be lethal, and while taking the curves as hard as you can, your fellow competitors are showering you in a constant hail of bullets. While the losers repair their cars and cover those bullet holes, the winner spends his hard earned money on new engines, tires or stronger armor.

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