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Scania Truck Driving Simulator v1.3.0 Patch

Date 4/8/2012
Filename ScaniaTDS_1_3_0_patch.exe
Size 13.06 MB
Last Access 298 days ago
Downloads 179
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Description Two additional Dangerous drives levels: "Leave the Port!" and "Yacht Launch".
Fixed visibility of the 50th secret.
It is now possible to change rendering distance for mirrors.
Radio volume is affected by master volume control.
Modding: Speed limiter limit can be changed in game data.
Fixed handling of slider axes on some controllers.
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Scania Truck Driving Simulator

  • Platform: PC
  • Publisher:
  • Developer: SCS Software
  • Genre: Car, Simulation

  • Get behind the wheel of one of the most iconic trucks on the road with this highly detailed Scania R-series simulation. Simulation reality is pushed to the extreme, in this unique mix of video game and simulation, designed to have mass appeal to anyone who loves trucking!

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