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Silkroad Online Patch 1.377

Date 3/8/2012
Filename SilkroadOnline_GlobalOfficial_v1_377_for_v1_365_376_.exe
Size 38.93 MB
Last Access 48 days ago
Downloads 1153
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Description Silkroad Online Patch 1.377
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Silkroad Online

  • Platform: PC
  • Publisher: Joymax
  • Developer: Joymax
  • Genre: Persistent, RPG

  • SilkRoad is a fantasy MMORPG based on the cultural and economic trading paths between ancient Asia and Europe of long-lost civilizations. On the sprawling SilkRoad, merchants are trading, burglars are stripping them of goods, and hunters are policing the area to take down burglars. The hostility and secret strife in which various groups continuously engage for the benefit of their own groups give SilkRoada world with constant activity, danger and life.

    There is no fixed job in the SilkRoad world. All players can freely promote the growth of their own characters by will, alter the character, and change characters between merchant, burglar and hunter. It is entirely up to you whether you will earn money in the trade, become one wolf which pounces on prey, or become the guardian who protects the peace of SilkRoad.

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