Panzer Corps Patch 1.10

Date 2/8/2012
Size 596.44 MB
Last Access 24 days ago
Downloads 487
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Description The massive v1.10 update contains improved AI to give players a more challenging opponent, as well as a new multiplayer map for a new battleground to face off against other players on. The modding community has also been given a host of new modding features and enhanced editor options for use in their user-created scenarios, such as new AI orders and more advanced scripting.

Fans of the library within Panzer Corps will find new entries in the form of prominent World War 2 aircraft. The update also includes French language support for fans in France to get a taste of the Panzer Corps experience!

The full changelog is so incredibly massive it wouldn't fit all in this press release! To find the full changelog, click here to head to the Slitherine or Matrix Games forums.

To get the update, either perform a "check for updates" on the game menu, or get it directly here.
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Panzer Corps

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