Might & Magic Heroes VI v1.5.2 Patch (EFIGS/Digital)

Date 1/8/2012
Filename hmm6_digital_1.5.2_efigs.exe
Size 41.76 MB
Last Access 20 days ago
Downloads 400
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Description Offline / Online saves compatibility first implementation:
- Currently only the progress of unlocking the campaign maps gets synchronized.
- Only progress that has been achieved while playing online will get synchronized. Campaign progress unlocked in offline mode is not synchronized. Progress that has been achieved while being offline is only available on that specific machine.
- The progress will only be synchronized if it has been achieved with a default (online) hero. Progress that has been made with heroes whose affinity has been switched (e.g. from blood to tears) or with custom heroes will not be synchronized.
- The progress of heroes (reputation/skill/level) within a campaign will not be saved/synchronized.
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Might & Magic Heroes VI

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