War Rock - Full Client (EU)

Date 6/7/2012
Filename WRInstallerEU.exe
Size 1.13 GB
Last Access 4 days ago
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Description Intense with action and competition, War Rock explodes with a powerful arsenal of customizable weapons and vehicles while placing you in control of the most extreme battle modes in modern warfare!

War Rock's service will no longer be provided by gamersfirst. Instead, as of May 30. 2012, War Rock will be serviced by a new publisher, Nexon Europe. Please migrate your gameplay data from gamersfirst to Nexon Europe for an improved service and to continue playing War Rock.

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PC Minimum
CPU: Pentium 3 / 700Mhz
RAM: 256MB
VGA: GeForce MX2
OS: Windows 98 or better
HDD: 700MB availability

PC Recommended
Pentium 4 / 2.0Ghz
FZ 5700 / ATI 9200
Windows 2000 or better

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War Rock

  • Platform: PC
  • Publisher: K2 Network Incorporated
  • Developer: Dream Execution Technologies
  • Genre: Action, First Person, Shooter

  • War Rock is a 3D online game that enables players to experience large-scale battles online over air, land and sea in vehicles and on foot. The game features strategic team play where you choose a unique character class for your soldier: engineer, medic, scout, combatant, and heavy weapons unit. The battle takes place in near future of the post-Cold War battle for arms and oil, as the nation of Derbaran suddenly becomes the center fighting ground for a new chapter in the world at war.

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