Runes of Magic v5.0.0.2535 EU Client (Slim)

Date 22/6/2012
Filename Runes_of_Magic_5.0.0.2535_slim.rar
Size 6.02 GB
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Description Fires of Shadowforge introduces a new race to the online role-playing game, the Shadowforge Dwarves. Two new classes have also entered the world of Taborea -- the Champion and the Warlock -- both exclusive to the Dwarven race.

In addition to the new races, a new continent, Kolydia, has also appeared on the map, offering players exciting regions and challenging dungeons. The latest version of the Runes of Magic client is available for free download on the official website, Those who already have the client will receive the update automatically the next time they start the game.
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Runes of Magic

  • Platform: PC
  • Publisher: Frogster Interactive
  • Developer:
  • Genre: Massively Multiplayer Online, Role-playing

  • Runes of Magic " a world full of wizardry and adventure
    In Runes of Magic players explore and discover a magical realm full of wonders and ancient riddles. On their way from simple novice to famous hero, they will always be accompanied by magical runes and potent oracles which are fragments of the divine book Taborea. In Runes of Magic players should use the rune stone wisely, for they might also lure them to a path of destruction. But legend has it, that he, who embraces the oracle and acquires its might, will gain absolute power over the future. It is now up to the player, to write on the history of the world.

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