Rumble Fighter v1.5 EU Client

Date 30/1/2012
Filename RF_EU_SETUP_V.1.5.EXE
Size 1019.5 MB
Last Access 452 days ago
Downloads 1538
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Description Rumble Fighter is a free to download, free to play fighting game. Up to 8 players simultaneously battle it out online in furious melee action. Featuring an advanced combo attack skill system with multitudes of real fighting styles to choose from, Rumble Fighter allows players to build the fighter they've always wanted to be.
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Rumble Fighter

  • Platform: PC
  • Publisher: OG Planet
  • Developer: Nimonix
  • Genre: Action, Shooter

  • Rumble Fighter is a free to play casual action game focused on fighting! Rumble Fighter allows a maximum of 8 players to battle it out in simultaneous, multiplayer action. Basic offensive attacks include hitting, throwing, and blocking, with advanced attacks such as combo attacks and counterattacks. The newly introduced "ExoCore" skill system will allow players to experience much more dynamic action through the ability to transform and morph! What kind of fighter are you?

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