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Trainz Simulator 2010 SP3 - Patch 44088 to 49933 (Hotfix)

Date 9/11/2011
Filename ts2010_sp3_44088_to_49933.zip
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Last Access 12 days ago
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Description TS10 SP3 Change Log 44088 to 49933

Fixed a bug where Trainz does not remember players KUID number when working offline.
Fixed a bug where sound was not being played properly in various conditions.
Fixed a bug with time zone conversions in Content Manager.
Fixed a bug where 'Today' filter did not work in some languages.
Fixed a bug which caused TrainzUtil to freeze when installing certain cdp via command line.
Added support for more future DLC products.
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Trainz Simulator 2010: Engineers Edition

  • Platform: PC
  • Publisher: N3V Games
  • Developer:
  • Genre: Simulation

  • Included in the TS2010:EE Release will be several new routes for you to explore as well as improvements to routes you're all used to. These include:

    * ECML Doncaster Peterborough
    * Milwaukee Road Avery Drexel
    * ECML Doncaster Cleethorpes Hull
    * CN Holly Subdivision
    * Conrail Lincoln Secondary
    * CSX Saginaw Subdivision
    * Detroit Connecting Railroad
    * Harbor Master
    * Port Ogden and Northern

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