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Yokai Watch to release internationally next year

Yokai Watch_art August 20, 2014 (0 comments)

Yokai Watch is a bit of a phenomenon in Japan. At this point, the series is a multimedia franchise,...

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Mighty Gunvolt exists, and you get it with Azure Striker

MightyGunvolt_Sprite August 20, 2014 (0 comments)

So, Inti Creates very recently 'leaked' a new game they had in development. Titled Mighty Gunvolt, you may be...

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What’s on Player Attack TV – Friday August 22

Player Attack! August 20, 2014 (0 comments)

Want to know what's on Player Attack this week? Well, here you go: Batman: Arkham Knight, Civilization: Beyond...

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Minecraft fails PS4 certification

Minecraft on PS4 August 20, 2014 (0 comments)

While Minecraft is still making people very happy across the globe, it seems the game failed to impress the...

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Australia getting “Xbox, on” command in September

Xbox, on! August 20, 2014 (0 comments)

When we chatted with Jeremy Hinton from Xbox Australia earlier this year, he promised that Aussie gamers would enjoy...

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Is this a Robin Williams tribute in World of Warcraft?

Robin, The Entertainer August 20, 2014 (30 comments)

A non-playable character known as Robin the Entertainer has popped up in the latest beta build of Warlords of...

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Civ: Beyond Earth pre-order bonus is out of this world

Civilization: Beyond Earth August 20, 2014 (0 comments)

If you're the pre-ordering strategy type, you've probably already put some money aside for Civilization: Beyond Earth. If you...

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Bungie To Return Shares to Fired Halo Composer

HaloHeader August 20, 2014 (0 comments)

Marty O'Donnell, the longtime Bungie composer responsible for the music of Halo and of the soon-to-be-released Destiny will be receiving...

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Here’s a list of added features in The Sims 4

Sims4-Photobomb August 20, 2014 (0 comments)

Okay, so we all know there's a heap of stuff missing from The Sims 4, but there's also...

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CS: Global Offensive claims record ESL audience

ESL One August 20, 2014 (1 comment)

A record number of people tuned in to watch people play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive at ESL One Cologne...

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