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World of Tanks: M4A3E8 Fury October 19, 2014 (0 comments)

Fury is the name of an M4A3E8 Sherman tank, as seen in the second world war. It's also the name...

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Sunset Overdrive DLC brings all-new chaos

Sunset Overdrive November 25, 2014 (1 comment)

The first batch of DLC has hit Sunset Overdrive in a flurry of energy drinks and over-the-top weaponry -...

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Wii U Super Smash Bros smashes sales in the U.S.

smash bros 8 player November 25, 2014 (0 comments)

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U hasn't even launched everywhere around the world yet, but it's already proving to...

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The Void Burrower joins League of Legends

Rek'Sai, the Void Burrower November 25, 2014 (0 comments)

Riot Games has introduced a new champion into MOBA League of Legends, as Rek'Sai, the Void Burrower joins...

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Valve squishes gift code traders with new update

Steam gift code in action November 25, 2014 (0 comments)

Valve has taken direct aim at Steam code traders with its new policy for gift codes. While you...

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Has Amazon France just outed ZombiU 2?

gb-ZOMBIU November 25, 2014 (0 comments)

Whoever's in charge of updating product listings on Amazon France should probably find a new job, after another game has...

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Assassin’s Creed: Unity gets major update this week

assassins-creed-unity-walllpaper November 25, 2014 (1 comment)

Assassin's Creed: Unity has weathered a bumpy launch, but Ubisoft has confirmed a major patch (the game's third)...

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Star Wars takes Minecraft to a galaxy far, far away

Minecraft: The Star Wars Classic Skin Pack November 25, 2014 (4 comments)

Christmas is still a month away (eep!), but for Star Wars fans who also like a bit of Read More »

Midweek Media: November 26th, 2014

cc: Regan Walsh November 25, 2014 (0 comments)

Player Attack HQ has been struck down by illness this week. We have our theories that it is perhaps delayed-onset...

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Counter-Strike: GO pro-gamers caught cheating

CounterStrike-GlobalOffensive November 24, 2014 (1 comment)

Valve updated its anti-cheat technology late last week, and the new software has discovered a number of professional Read More »

Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin announced

Praise the Sun November 24, 2014 (1 comment)

Just when you thought it was safe to return to your gaming platform of choice- BAM! Namco Bandai and FromSoftware...

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